How to switch around the joystick on my arcade stick?


I bought the injustice battle edition a week ago, and started playing on my first arcade stick. I realized that I feel really uncomfortable with the joystick on my left hand. I want to switch it to the right side, I have better execution on skills there, and I hardly miss or screw up. Anyway so is it possible to switch around the joystick side for the injustice battle edition, or is it strictly made for the one side?


You could turn the stick upside down and re-configure the buttons accordingly. Beyond that, you’d have to get a custom made panel. I suggest practicing more with the standard setup since this is your first stick.


Normally this work just fine.

For the Injustice stick, as the joystick mounting is part of the casing and not the top panel making a custom panel isn’t going to make the cut.


There is a guy on the Trading Outlet that has a left hand modded MadCatz Tournament Edition stick.

You could buy this one or get a case that can be more easily modded and do the same thing.


You could play dragon style XD (crossed right hand over left hand)


Ewww, I can’t stand cross hand style, and it unnerves me to watch other people play that way.

Remember Left-Handed is Sinister

Where I got that from…

[details=Spoiler]but I also have
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I wonder if Flanders would sell left-handing arcade sticks at his Leftorium. Or at least left-handed replacement top-panels. :smiley:


Lol okay, you definitely win this time xD


If you play left-handed on your 8-button layout, does it feel like a stranger?
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