How to teach players to play fighting games, dissertation


Hello, I am currently an undergraduate studying BScH Computer Games Design and Production, I am on my final year and will be soon writing my dissertation. As a huge fighting game fan I really wanted to write a dissertation on fighting games. I know it is an extremely hard genre for some players to get into because of its difficulty so I wanted to find out how to make it that much better.

The dissertation is about how to effectively teach players how to player fighting games through in-game tutorials, something I feel the current games on the market don’t do well. If you could spare 5-10 minutes of your time filling in this survey it would greatly help me. I’m not looking for pros, just people that are interested in fighting games. Thank you in advance to anyone who participated and helps me.

Please go here to participate in the survey:


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You could start by going to the right forum.

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I filled it out.

also you’re in the wrong forum. but once this is moved I’m sure you’ll do fine

the answer to this is that tutorial mode should teach the very basis first (simple movement options, normals, how to do specials, etc) then after that start teaching concepts.

lesson 1 - anti air - opponent only jumps in with attacks and you have to anti air to beat them
lesson 2 - whiff punish - opponent only whiffs heavy attacks, you have to punish to beat them

etc etc…

lesson 20 - frame traps - opponent mashes lights during your blockstrings, you leave a space so that they get stuffed and you can combo from that
lesson 21 - throw bait - opponent blocks everything and techs your walk up throw every time. you have to fake walk up throw/shimmy, watch for whiff grab, then punish.

this would be the easiest and most effective way to teach fighting game players the basic concepts. obviously depending on the game and mechanics some will be more applicable than others.