How to tech throws?


I have serious trouble with teching throws. The light punch+kick option select gives me counter attacks when in a blockstring and doesn’t work most of the times. Is there a thread on teching throws? I really need help. This is the only trouble I have.


Which game?

In SSFIV you need to tech as late as possible so that you defend against attacks and throws. Alternatively, if you know your opponent doesn’t use low attacks in a block string you can stand and tech. You’ll either end up teching their throw, or they’ll tech yours, or you’ll throw them out of the start up of their next move if they are within range.

To practice late crouch teching, record the training dummy knocking you down, then doing an empty neutral jump into a blockstring starting with, and ending in a throw. Remember to record different situations, including jump directly into throws so you can get a feel for the timing. If you are late crouch teching correctly then you shouldn’t get thrown or get hit by attacks. Remember though that late crouch teching can be beaten by delayed/slower moves and they can also be made to whiff and then punished with kara throws.


dont mash. use the option select when you think someone may throw