How to tell if your against a shoto scrub 4 begginers

usually ryu ken sometimes akuma-spam dragon punch and always use it as reversal and always use wake up super and ultras

this is a great contribution


You want to know if they are a scrub or not? Test them… duh. No shit what else you going to do? Ask them?

Please tell me more.

I’m impressed. /clap.

I’ll tell ya,You guys on SRK should be professional comedians.

Thanks a lot, I didn’t know any of this before!

This is the best guide ever for SRK.

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nominated for article.

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Somehow I’m not surprised.

This has to be a troll.

thanks 4 the great feedback guys and also scrubs normally disconnect when they lose =thats why they have low player points pp 4 short

this thread is front page material

I can’t wait to test my friends against this new knowledge to see if they are shoto scrubs. 4 begginers.

One second, SRK, and I’ll let you finish. I’m sorry, but golcarjack had one of the best articles of all time.

Someone nominate this kid for a Nobel Prize.

i dont see whats so special about this thread ive made others like:akuma needs more armor breaks and is dhalsims u2 wort in the game my main is guy and to this day i have around 5550bp look on the leaderboards [xbox 360 only sorry ps3 people] and somewhere golcarjack should be there


I’m definitely a shoto scrub, but I’ve graduated from throwing out random DPs and Fireballs to turtling and attempting to punish peeps who do that - I still will do the random Ultra if it looks like there’s a chance it will hit when I’m near dead (not a good idea).