How to tell who you are playing on GGPO


Since so many people are smurfing names constantly to talk shit or whatever, you can get this program called
And it will tell you the IP address of a person. Then you can just make a list or whatever to cross reference the IP(s) to tell who is who.


Just ask hispanicjerk he identifies everyone.


If you see a well educated shit talking Canadian, it’s most likely me.


who gives a fuck


1: run wireshark and click start. connect to player.

2: look for UDP connection ## source port: 6000 destination 6000
this is the IP of the player (one of these 2 shown will be your own)

3 : input numbers here:

I dunno if this is different based on your port settings.


So far I’m making a list of players, their mains, and where their location is for my own records.


use it on ufcgym and tell me his location


All I know is that he must be right down the goddamn street from me.


how are you gathering geo-location information? That isn’t a service of wireshark as far as I know.


Because you couldn’t possibly just reset your router and have a completely different IP.



this is important info! if we can narrow it down to a city I’m willing to go door to door

I’m gonna have a kickstarter to fly me there and break his xbox. I suspect there will be a lot of donors from xbl ranked regulars


I posted about it above.

I posted about it above.

You are misinformed. Fuck off then.


Not sure how, but I know you can use this tech on XBOX as I saw a video that I skipped on YT earlier today.

It gives you general area/city of the person. So then you would have to like walk around with USF4 gear or something to try and befriend him first.


Actually I know who ufcgym is, he plays as exotech on GGPO. I know his full name from a facebook group.


Whoa bro way to put me out there like that. I just don’t really have time to play the 360 when I have GGPO.


Khang… busted. loooool


the perfect crime

Go afk on xbl to force people onto ggpo


Smart plan actually, but doesn’t xbox live cost money?


Relax, I know a lot of personal info but I didn’t share any of it.


Exodus is really ufcgym? Can we get someone to slit his throat?