How to update an AE cab to v2012?

Hey yall,

I am here in Seoul, South Korea and we have an original Japanese AE cab waiting to be updated to v2012. The problem is we have no idea how to update it…
I know one way was to send the HDD to Capcom but I think it’s too late for that now since I heard that it takes 3 weeks. I keep hearing rumors of a way to update it by USB but nobody on the Capcom unity boards knows anything about that. We tried to connect the cab to the network but since it isn’t Japan it just gives us an error message.
Hoping for some help…

I would think tech talk might be better suited to answer this then the section that has such classic posts as “Help me choose my main”. Hope you get the help you are looking for.

Our local Arcade contacted Capcom about the upgrade and unfortunately they refused to service our cab cause it was an original SF4 Vewlix and the AE kit we had was bought from an unauthorized online dealer. They didn’t even bother to confirm if the AE kit dongle was genuine or not, they just went soup Nazi and said “NO AE2012 for you wait one week for console patch !” :frowning:

Wow in these times, with so few Cabinets left out there you would think that Capcom would have a different attitude towards their remaining customers.
Of course no help from me as well, but I am very interested to know the solution to your problem. Please keep us updated.