How to use 2nd bomb

Hey folks,
Can someone tell me a good use for 2nd bomb? Double bomb combos dont seem to be worth it w/ scaling. I found a combo with 2nd bomb but I cant do it consistently.
HP xx ExKunai > bomb > dash > raida > m dash > raida

generally the second bomb is used to setup a mixup mid combo. The best example would be the sako bomb combo.

@enersha That’s a basic 2nd bomb combo you posted there. Majorboy and other top Ibukis regularly use that one if they’re still holding onto their second bomb.

So the second bomb is mainly for resets during the first combo. There’s no point in comboing 2 bombs together, it’s a waste. The 2 bombs are designed so you land the first one in a combo and then you throw out the second one during the combo, but in a situation where you can take a pause in the middle of the combo and dash behind them to 50/50 mix them up. Even if they block it you’ll still usually get heavy frame advantage to press and mix up more.

Majorboy’s basic bomb reset is to do button, kunai, VTC, s.HP, HK kazekiri, (bomb blows up), MK command dash in, b+MP (first hit) cancel into HP+HK to release the second bomb and then dash behind them or fake dash behind them on wake up.

Thanks homies!!

whats is the reason for picking st hp over cr hp is it the range?

Most of the time i can start the combo from cr mp xx kunai.

Yes, it’s for the range. A cr.HP after VTC might whiff, especially after a cr.MP xx Kunai.

And it’s also easier (at least for me) to DP after a neutral/forward input then a down one.

sounds logical i always use standing hp now.

i have been thinking, i have 2 bomb setups:
*normal > kunai > hp > dp > bomb > command jump > kunai > ex kunai > f+hk mixup b mp >dash raida.
*normal > kunai > hp > dp > command jump > lp mk mixup s mk s mp ex kunai raida bomb raida

ive been wondering which i should use or mix both?

First one has more damage stun before mixup but uses more resources kunais and meter.
second one more potential after mixup

what do you think?