How To Use a Fightstick Tutorial


This is some do’s and don’t when using a fightstick. This is to help you guys that want to make the transition. If you have any suggestions let me know


rule #1: Don’t call an HRAP3 a “fightstick”


Rule 2: Don’t call any arcade stick a fightstick, not even the FS model


I hate the word fightstick…it sounds like some midwest yokels made that word up, doncha know. It’s an ARCADE stick.


Call it a fightstick just cause it’s less syllables with the added bonus of pissing people off.


Lmao just watched the video, amazing

Dude, close this thread fast, or ask it to be moved to the Newbie Saikyo Forum, you’re gonna get chewed otherwise. This is complete beginner stuff and there are better threads on it already

Also FYI you don’t have to destroy the gates like you’re doing on the video, I have a HRAP3 too and you can flick the stick just enough to engage the desired microswitches, you’ll look less like a tool while doing that, try it