How to use Akuma

hi guyz ,

i’m kinda new at using akuma … can u guys gimme some tips … and strategys. … i always lose to urien users :frowning: and always have a hard time against chun lee

my usual combo is c.MK QCB LK then a uppercut HP

should i be more aggressive when playing akuma ???

More agressive - yes you need to rush their ass down!!! All about options, mixing them up and pressure Is how you use Akuma … oh and his kara throw is too good!!!

mind games are a must, try this to start then u can modify so u dont get a pattern…
lp air fireball, then u can do:
1.- inmediatly jump, down + mk, hp or xx lk srk, k or air grab or whif p…
2.- dash -> mp, repeat
3.-, mp (dont combo into) qcb + mk or hk

some nice stuff is that some tall characters wont be able to duck qcb + k, abuse that
jump, down + mk as u land d,d,d + 3p is amazing how most players try to grab u there, also can be done after srk + k, k or whif p, then d,d,d + 3p.
try to be very offensive, but when u get thorwn back by anything, just pause, dont rush offensive again, punish every mistake, and try to discover players patterns

sorry my english T_T

A good way to mix up the gouki combo (s.hp, l.tatsumaki, h.srk) is insted of the doing the srk do a s.hp and buffer into his demon flip (srk motion + any k) and go from there, opponents get confused on what your doing and dont know whether to parry, block, or attack don’t do it too often though people catch on quick, just stick to the gouki combo, good damage and stun. Oh yeah, gouki can’t really afford to trade hits with chars like Hugo, Alex, or anyone that has really good defense for that matter.

how would go about playing an expert ken player would you rush them down or out turttle them if you’d rush them down how do you with gettin a sa3 be specific if you can.

try red-parring ken’s sa3 (last 2 hits) is kind of ez, abuse all that u have and ken dont, like air fireball, just dont go too ofensive because u are open to making more mistakes…gouki’s kara-throw is a must
but the most important thing is to identify ur oponent’s patterns, so u severely puhish any parry