How to use Blackheart's demons



IMO this is probably the most misunderstood aspect of playing Blackheart. I’ve been told that I have an almost intuitive understanding of how the demons work. Since I don’t believe in intuition, I’m going to share what I know in hopes that I can teach someone:

FIERCE demons, if they connect, latch onto the opponent and drain their life. If you connect with fierce demons, it might be good to not throw any demons or do any special moves for awhile, especially if they’re almost dead. Otherwise, the demons will disappear and will gnaw away no more life.

ROUNDHOUSE demons hold the opponent, but this is almost useless since the opponent can shake out easily. Also, Sentinel can just run through roundhouse demons without flinching because of the damn super armor (Hulk and Juggernaut can too, but they suck so who cares). However, if your opponent doesn’t know about this, you can sometimes connect a super move afterward. However, if roundhouse demons connect mid-air, they’ll bounce upward which gives you an opportunity to do AAA into inferno xx super, or the infinite if you’re stupid.

STANDING FIERCE - not very useful, although because of its initial chest bump it can be semi-useful against constantly overheading Magnetos.

STANDING ROUNDHOUSE - you need to be careful with this move because there’s a space between the initial kick and the demons where the opponent can call an assist. You can cancel the kick into Judgement Day and it will usually combo.

CROUCHING FIERCE - combined with Sentinel drones, c.fierce is a good way to lock the bottom screen down if someone’s trying to rush you. Otherwise, no.

CROUCHING ROUNDHOUSE - generally useless. I’ve seen Viscant use this move, but I don’t know why. There’s no initial hit and the demons don’t go out far at all. Don’t use.

(SUPER)JUMPING FIERCE - THE MOST USEFUL ATTACK BLACKHEART HAS. Why people continue to overuse sj.rh is beyond me. Jumping fierce demons go out for a certain distance and then return to Blackheart. Not where he was when he threw them, where he is. This is incredibly useful because you can change the trajectory of the demons by airdashing in whatever direction, or jumping, landing and then superjumping. Sky’s the limit.

(SUPER)JUMPING ROUNDHOUSE - Useful to cover assists and that’s it. You can runaway with it from time to time, but only if the opponent is otherwise occupied on the ground (ie. there’s an assist in his way).

Hope this helps upcoming Blackheart players.


Thanks, this is nice :wink:


The bottom line is that black fierce demons is his best weapon, and the roundhouse demons are the cherry on top. But don’t go crazy with either one of them, remember there are six buttons not two. By the way nice stuff dasrik!


After a successful HOD in the corner, I do a j.rh, then c.rh which gives you a fraction of a sec to follow up.


Bumping because I still don’t believe in intuition.


Vidness, you do a better ‘combo’ yourself in your match against Sanford. I’m gonna steal this haha:


after HOD in corner, do s. rh for demons to hold them down. A good number of people don’t know you can shake out of this for God knows what reason (not new), but then you did c. short, s. rh (combos despite the FS or did Sanford mash to get hit?). Then follow up with j. short, j. forward, s. rh which DID combo and then assist hod etc.

I used to only use j. short, j. forward, c. short, c. forward, but that stuff you did was way better (unless a c. short cannot combo into s. rh after HOD due to FS effects). Props dude.


Vidness has always got some good vids to watch. I play both Spiral and Blackheart, so your matches are right up my alley on two fronts.


I’ll add my two cents here:

Standing Fierce:
Besides the chest bump property mentioned above, the demons also help nullify certain projectiles before they reach BH (don’t do this on anybody that can punish you for it, even if you have an assist out). This also helps in specific blockstrings where they’ll be pinned by something like drones afterward. Obviously do NOT use this on short chars (Strider).

Normal Jump Fierce (back or forward):
Helps to control the ground area (coupled with assist) and build some meter. Can also be good for when they’re in blockstun and you throw these out followed by an air-dash to manipulate the demon trajectory (and keep them in blockstun). Do not abuse against the likes ov Mag/Storm or death shall follow.

Square Jump Fierce (backwards):
One ov your main runaway tactics (except against Cable). Keeps opposing square jumpers and tri-jumpers at bay while you maintain your positioning.

Square Jump Fierce (forward):
Only do this when one ov your lockdown assists are out. There are quite a few mechanics with this one that I tend to abuse when rushing down with BH, one ov them being 'pokestring + drones, /, ad/f + FP demons (if they didn’t jump out they’ll be in blockstun by drones), /, /, ad/back (by this time the opponent will be in blockstun still by the FP demons), overhead jab, short or just land and start up another tactic. This is also good for setting up the infinite if you’re capable ov killing them off ov it.

Super Jump Fierce (with or without air-dash):
USE IT!!! Expert BH players cannot stress this enough!! This completely owns anybody who takes to the skies <except Storm> (with the proper positioning) so someone like Sent without an AAA will have problems with BH in this department. The demons obviously have a boomerang effect that will block off certain areas depending on where BH is at the time, so with that said this is the move you’ll want to spend your time learning as far as where and when to release your demons/change their trajectories/maintain a good position/block off enemy advances/keep them in air blockstun.

Crouching Fierce:
Use with an assist for cover or you will die!! Blocks off the ground area in front ov BH to prevent dash-ins. Like the s.FP there is a physical hit as BH is ripping into the ground before the demons appear, so something like c.FP + drones xx JDay is possible. Keep in mind that the demons do NOT stay active the entire time they’re out. Once they start to crawl along the ground they do NOT have an active hitbox to cause damage to the opponent, let alone hit them so be weary ov this.

Crouching Roundhouse:
This is actually a GREAT move when used sparingly and in the right applications. One such application would be to drop these guys then call a ground assist and take to the air WITHOUT throwing another set ov demons out. They travel just about full screen (slowly, and they don’t touch anybody that’s at extreme full screen range) and if the opponent forgets that they’re out (which happens often btw) they’ll get snared (and probably forget to mash out).

Standing Roundhouse:
This one has too many holes imho. Necessary if you plan on using BH’s ground infinite, otherwise don’t really bother. The demons don’t go out far and, without proper protection, you’ll get mauled during the attack recovery.

Normal Jump Roundhouse (back or forward):
Never ever use this…at least I don’t, Fierce demons are much better in this case.

Square Jump Roundhouse (forward):
An unorthodox rushdown tactic I use alongside drones. Put them in a blockstring and while those drones do their job use this to close distance and keep them in blockstun due to the demons. From there you can continue to lock them down or go for a pokestring. This is actually very useful against a pinned Cable or Sent without AAA, and sometimes you’ll be too close for Cable to successfully AHVB you (since you’ll most likely be going over his head).

Square Jump Roundhouse (back):
Runaway tactic to build a bit ov meter (have an assist out and don’t use on those that will punish you if you’re open). Use this to create distance WITHOUT super jumping.

Super Jump Roundhouse:
Builds meter, pins point/assist chars, covers your assists…what else does this do you ask? After certain air combos you can toss these guys out and keep the opponent in a forced air blockstun (you know damn well they won’t dare take the hit). Besides that one instance, Fierce demons are WAY better as far as the zoning department is concerned.


Deth, that was worth way more than .02 cents. Very nice


good stuff. You guys just forgot you have to mix these up with one of BH’s best moves: nothing.

just sj. and do nothing: wait for sentinel to FP, storm to HS, cable to sj. hvb, mag to em disruptor.

you’ll win on patience alone if you’re not getting hit by stupid stuff like the above. A good BH player rarely gets hit air to air when sjing IMO.


^^well said on the empty super jump aspect…I tend to do that when I play Doom on point as well…


Deth, those are interesting applications of the demons. I certainly will have to keep them in mind in future games. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Damn good post for just being your two cent. This would go good with my demon mechanics vid. I’ll just add a bit to this if you don’t mind…

c.FP: Useful tool for comboing the assist in a helper infinite. If your timing is bad with catching an assist that’s falling from the air, just c.fp a good bit b4 they reach BH and it’ll keep comboing into itself. (corner)

s.RH: Good for setting up follow ups from HOD.

j.RH (backward): jb.RH is actually quite effective when playing against Mags and Storms that like to try to dash in on the ground to get through the j.FP demons b4 they form or return to BH. If you get an aggressive mag that’s on you to where your j.FPs are missing, a well placed jb.RH with cut that out completely and cause them to hesitate.

j.RH (forward): absolutely essential in punishing assists when you get the opponent and his assist in a HOD combo in the corner.
Example… You hit a Mag and the assist with CapCom into an inferno to HOD. If Mag dies during this, you can jf.RH as the assist is hitting the ground and proceed to launch it to it’s death. If mag doesn’t die during this, you can still jf.RH as they hit the ground followed by a launcher. Now they’re both back in the air and you can use your assist to continue punishing the assist while you pressure the point man.

square jump RH (forward): Your best friend for GBing incoming characters. Just cancel the air dash into the RH a bit late into the sj so that the demons hit the incoming character and go from there.


I usually start punching the opponent a couple times to build up HC energy, then I trap them by launching demons, then I release the hyper combo. Or I switch to Shuma Gorath and start busting out crazy combos.