How to use charge characters?

I want to learn on how to use Guile, but when i do Sonic boom he moves backwards. What am i doing wrong?

In this video when ACE E I RIN does sonic boom when never moves back. He does like ryu fireball.

My understanding is that you hold BW then FW then punch , But how do you stay in place, and use soice boom?


Hold :db: instead of :b: (assuming player 1 side).

  1. Charge by downback instead of back
  2. He charge buffers, making the motion quicker
  3. He whiffs jabs while holding backwards (can’t walk backwards while doing a move)

Yeah, you can also charge moves where ever in a match: in air, middle of attacks, hell, even before the match begins.

The typical trick is to charge with down-back so that way you could either do a Sonic Boom or a Flash Kick, depending on the situation.

Also, another advantage to holding :db:; you’ll be charging for Sonic Boom and Flash Kick at the same time while blocking low.

EDIT: Agh, somebody already beat me to it.

Ah i see now, thanks for the info guys.

Is this the same for all Charge Characters, like Balogs Dash Straight or Bison Psycho Crusher?


It’ll even cross over games, like playing Leona in KOF or Saki in Arcana Heart.

I use charge characters a lot and in fact I think I play them best. One of the things you can do to help also is to:db::f::db: or :b::f::b: to use booms. This lets you recharge much faster. It takes a small amount of work to get the hang of, but once you learn how it can make for a much stronger game. With Guile I find it’s best to be using moves that move him while combining boom pressure. If you stay stationary it allows for the other player to position themselves in a good spot to whoop on you, but if you are using moves like back medium or forward medium in the mix your position in constantly changing and making it harder on them.

Here’s a video explaining it (although dhoushi’s post summed it up pretty well :)) [media=youtube]mARorBkHxt0[/media]

I tryed to do this but no luck, but ill try what dhoushi SAID.

Takes time and practice to get full used to the motion.

another thing you should learn about guile and other charged characters is that if you spam something like jab(tapping jab quickly & repeatedly) or spam down+forward(middle) kick you can charge up without so much of holding back or down. the essence of doing this is just that you need to pin your guile down with something that locks him into place and doesn’t cause him to walk backward.
for example, rock howard has a move called evac toss, which is a 360 degree motion on your stick, and its near impossible to pull off unless he’s first “locked” initially by some other move. if you try to do a evac toss from nuetral joystick and not hitting any buttons, he’ll jump once you move the stick in any upward motion while doing the 360 motion. i’m not saying that the evac toss is impossible to do from rock being nuetral in attack or movement…but its very difficult to pull off. so lets say in CvSNK2, you taunt before committing the evac toss since the taunt keeps him firmly to the ground and stuck since he’s doing the taunt animations. you cancel the taunt with an evac toss.
the same applies with guile. you don’t want to throw sonic booms from the other side of the screen. its not really benificial for guile/you to do that. you want to toss out sonic booms while your opponent is stuck in his corner and you are very near to him to pressure your opponent. with sonic booms, flash kicks, and whatever else you want to do. practice alternating between spamming jabs and down+middle kicks while holding back/downback. getting accustomed to being able to whip out sonic booms and flash kicks while close to the opponent.

you have to also be informed that in sf you can “negative edge” which means you can hold down the button for a while holding back, then shift forward+releasing the punch button will still commit the sonic boom.
same applies for flash kick. hold kick button down+down->up+release kick button=flash kick.
but if you really want to excel as a guile player, alternate the spamming of jab and down+middle kick.
believe it or not, guile is a rushdown character. its all about pressuring your opponent into their corner with him.
if your playing guile and your playing him defensively, meaning constantly in your corner, going constantly backward or waiting for your opponent to make mistakes and trying to punish them with predictable flash kicks…you won’t win many matches.

i forgot to mention some games like Arcana Heart have charge characters like Saki, but the game doesn’t have “negative edge”

I’m sure your heart is in the right place, but that is WAY too much information for someone who is having trouble throwing a Sonic Boom.