How to use ps3 stick on sf5?


Does anyone know how? I tried switching the ports and theres no instruction manual.


It’s in the options.

Wish I had an english version of this, but you should be able to find that without much trouble.


Thank you! Do i have to do this everytime?


I assume you need a DS4 connected then?


I just plugged in my ps3 stick and went to options and it found it on its own


I tried using a qanba q2 dual mod stick. It doesnt detect it for some reason maybe only certain sticks work. I tried it on a madcatz ps3 stick works fine. Lifes hard


I’m using the te


That’s weird. The Q2 was he first stick Lab Zero tested with their driver. Did you check if it was in PS3 or PC mode first?


Yeah it was on their very first post about them even making the driver. I’ve got my fingers crossed on my Q2 glow working on release.


Did the TC by any chance update? Compatibility is supposed to come with the day 1 patch.


So the DS4 pad has to be turned on all the time to use a PS3 stick? In MKX they managed it otherwise.


Apperantly not. Only while authenticating the stick.


A Q2 was being used on LI Joe’s stream. I’m chalking this up to some form of user error.


Hmm my stick doesnt have a switch to switch between ps3 to pc and etc. It just works when i shove the plug into consoles + pc without having to do anything.
This is the exact stick I have.

Maybe because it has a dual mod pcb? I dunno.


As stated, the exact same stick was being used by LI Joe on his stream.


My friend has a q2 ps3-pc looks the same as mine not dual modded that one works.


So do you need 2 ps4 controllers in order to use 2 ps3 sticks?




Does the Qanba 4 work? Mine has dual xbox360/PS4+PC

Doesn’t work on USF4.


Does the Qanba Q1 work?

I’ll be playing the game on PC, but a friend got it on PS4 so will be playing there to.