How to use .svg file for plexi cutting

Hi guys,

I want to mod my Mayflash F500 into a hitbox. I already red many, many, many forums to get information and I understand that, in order to get a laser cut plexi, I need to get a .svg file. I found one on another discussion and I opened it into a text app and into a web browser. By doing so, I realized that in the text app I can view all the commands that will be required for a machine to cut the plexi the right way and from the web browser I see what it’ll look like, at least I assume that’s what it’ll look like because it is very light and I can barely see the lines.

So, I want to know if there is anything else I’ll have to get before I place an order to get my plexi?
Also, if any of you has advices about what website to visit for the cut, it would be appreciated; I’m in Canada. My next step will be to find somewhere to get my artwork printed and cut.

Finally, if you have experience to share about that kind of mod, I would be glad to discuss with you!


Perhaps email support at Focusattack dot com?

Yeah, that was my first idea too but they told me that they wouldn’t do a custom work like that!

Then next option would be either Paradise arcade, or Arcadeshock I think - I know my crappy stick I love to hate so much is able to be custom modded plexi/artwork/black etched plexi

Thanks for the ideas! I searched on Google to see if there are some enterprises around my place that do that kind of work. I sent them emails so I’ll see if there is potential on that side.

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