How to use the TE stick?!

Omg I know this is such a stupid silly thread but I still have to ask: how do you guys use the (TE) stick?!

I have been playing SF for over 15 years now only using pads but today I got a TE stick (bought it because I think it is time to use sticks ;p) and I sooooooo suck using it. I have no clue how to use my fingers on that thing lol -_- At this moment I think the 360 joypad is better than the TE stick lol :frowning: But I wont give up yet…

Combo’s like CS xx FADC xx CS/ultra were easy to do on the360pad, but I just dont know how to do it using the TE stick, it feels like my fingers are way too slow! How do you guys use your fingers when you want to do a FA? Using your thumb?

I feel like a stupid noob now -- But I guess I have to keep using the TE stick, even though I feel so much more comfortable using the 360 pad lol… I can’t even pull of DP’s 100% on the left side omgggg -- And TK strikes are also more difficult to do now ;( sigh…

So frustrating… ordered the TE stick in January… finally got it today but I dont even know how to use it… I cant play rank matches now because it is tooo painfull haha!Oh well, at least it is so much easier to do dashes and backdashes now lol

I guess I have to start all over again… hope you guys can tell me how to use my fingers lol xD Thanks!

I kind of feel your pain, i’m a longtime pad user with a TE stick now. I have no problems with my fingers, but for some reason I have problems doing any type of quarter circle or dp motion sometimes. Getting better but it feels like i’m starting all over again lol.

However I did order a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor, so when that comes in, we’ll see if that helps me out.

15 years on pad, compared to stick is a hard transition, i did mine when i stopped playing fighting games on the Saturn.

is the any way to record your hands?

probably even tougher for pad…gl wit that son…oh and dont give in. welcome to real street fighter

Just keep on practicing man, eventually muscle memory will start to take over and there ya go.

100 Hadokens 50 Shoryukens or for Cammy do her moves until you have them down :x

You’ll get it done no problem. I went from pad to stick in a matter of a few days. Somewhere in the Fighting Game Discussion threads I said that I went form pad to stick the day before a tournament for marvel getting 3rd place. So if I could do it, then you can.

for focus, thumb and middle finger…I’m not completely sure how I hold my fingers when I’m playing since I don’t really think about it as long as I’m hitting the right button :3…but usually a 5 finger approach is good, thumb on LK, index on lp middle on mp, ring on FP, and pinky on roundhouse…I think I tend to shift my hands depending on what I’m doing…especially with cammy where I don’t use punches that much I might tend to use just the index, middle and ring…bringing in my thumb specifically for focuses/throws. Just find something that fits you and you should be fine

for DPs, the 4-way restriction is actually really nice. Since it stops at diagonal, just make sure when you do DPs, just shove that stick all the way into the corner and it should stick every time

Thanks for the reply’s! Yeah I guess I have to keep playing using the stick, even tho I suck so much with it. Ive been using Chunli as my main for a long time and luckily it’s not that hard playing her with the TE stick and her dash ultra’s are easier to do now. But Chun doesnt need to do FADC’s to win her game and the fact that she doesnt have any DP’s I feel a lil bit comfortable using the stick with her.

Cammy, however is still quite difficult haha… I will keep on practising her CS xx FADC’s and hope it will get better ;p And I feel her hooligan rolls are also much more difficult to do on stick lol!

Even though I want to use pads again, I think it’s better not to get back to pads right? I have to push myself using this expensive stick!

One thing that may help you out substantially (it has for me) is to turn on “input display” during training mode. This will help you see exactly what the system is reading from your inputs…

Sometimes when I think Im just doing 2149, I’m actually doing 21479, which kills the TK CS.

experiment with different grips. some may help you feel more in control than others even though awkward at first. I started with a grip over the top like i’m driving a stick shift but I have switched to grabbing on the side between my middle and ring finger. I feel like i have more control doing it the latter way.

I have been playing SF for over 15 years now only using pads but today I got a TE stick (bought it because I think it is time to use sticks ;p) and I sooooooo suck using it.s![/quote]

whats your problem? y would u put yourself through torment? 15 years and now u wanna switch…can u do all the advanced stuff on pad…if so dont even bother switching… seems u are an og pad user playing pad on the Supernes Street fighter…u wanna switch cause u people look at u like a scrub when they have a stick and u have a pad? show them whats up wit ur pad skills…gotta suggestion…y dont u sell ur TE stick on ebay for slightly more than u paid for it…make ur money back plus a lil extra and grind out SF4 on ur pad…seems to me u feel most comfortable on the pad…i mean i went through the hard ass trials of using a stick and now i use stick comfortably but it aint like using a stick raises ur skills in anyway…but if u wanna do it just for ur own personal achievment then by all means do so.

TBH ur just gonna have to practice, try out different ways of holdin’ the stick (i.e wine glass, full palm) and also try laying ur finger over different buttons.

Basically just try out a few different things, see wich u find best/ most comfortable and then just stick with it. It’ll come to u eventually.

The octagonal restrictor does have a different feel. However, I’d recommend not using it if you can. The octagonal restrictor will increase your reliance on the corner notch… something you shouldn’t be using. The square gate helps you “skip” the corner notch when doing moves, once you get the feel for it, which is faster.

I have a stick with the square gate and one with the octagonal. I definitely find that I “hit” that notch with the octagonal gate, where I just glance past it on the square.

Food for thought, anyway.

well… thats a nice question. my first time playing sf4 was back in july 2008 when i was in japan. i was so excited about the game and that was also the first time i played with sticks. so thats why i bought the te stick to relive the great moment ;p

and its not because ppl look down on me for using pads. most of them are very surpised because my skills on pad (yeah even the 360’s pad) can handle pro’s. i have to say tho that im only good with old skool fighters tho… i feel very comfortable playing sf2 and hdremix on pad because in these games i dont have to use dashes, runs and low jumps… but i had some problems with pulling of low jumps in cvs2 and i guess its more easier to do those things using the stick.

i think the te stick will make me a better player in the end. today i played some games with a friend and i gave the te stick to him to play because i sucked so badly haha! when i told him i can only win using the 360 pad he was like ‘wtf’ xD

@ newtybar: i will try to check the input display thingie. thank u for the tip!

yeah i had alot of those moments when i was just starting to use stick…like u mess up a move and then u know u would have did it right on the pad then u be like fuck this shyt im using pad…but if u can actually use the xbox 360 pad and do an uppercut i give u props…cause i couldnt do shyt using the 360 pad…

This thread makes me want to play with a joystick so badly. It seems a lot more fun just useing your fingers and arms more. Seems intense. I’m on pad and I have decent execution I feel but joystick just seems like it would be hella fun (like I said). It seems like sooo much of a hassle having to mod it and stuff though and I’m incredibly lazy and somewhat cheap. Damn~

TE is a square gate and really easy to find diagonals. The first step is to get your moves out in one motion with out you mashing them out. Do them slow as possible for them to come out. Start slow is key, your body will pick up speed as soon as you know your doing the motions correctly. A lot of “slow” successes is a lot better than a lot of “fast” failures. Again, practice will commit this to muscle memory just like anything else.

At first you might find your self hitting the corners of the gate, but it’s not really necessary to get the moves to come out. Some people find it more comforting to have the gate guiding their motions, but that’s a bad habit and you’ll get moves out faster without using the gate as a guide.

Experiment with grips, but don’t change when you find something that’s working.

Common ones are:

  1. index and thumb on the ball top with the other fingers resting on the side
  2. wine glass style, with the stick in between the middle and ring finger, index middle and thumb wrap around the ball top

Another thing to consider is your body positioning and where you put the stick. Once you learn though you can do it from your lap or the stick in front of you.

Thanks for the advice bro, it has for sure been noted.

On a side note:
"wine glass style, with the stick in between the middle and ring finger, index middle and thumb wrap around the ball top"
This, miraculously solved nearly all my problems lol, i was just kinda holding the ball with my thumb and my index and middle fingers. This “wine glass style” has remedied my issues with dps, ultras and any other QCF or QCB motions. Thanks alot to all who recommended trying this.

Wow, you weren’t kidding about having to retrain. I can’t even think about taking this online yet. I just unboxed my hori pro3 and it is murder to get cannon spikes from the left side. I cramp up or something. Right side is fine. The upside, I can do the tk cannon spike pretty easy now. I can tell it is going to take some serious practice.
I’m holding it with index on top and thumb curled around. I have big ole man hands so I can’t comfortable wine glass it. I am going to try that a little more to see if I can make it work comfortably, but I think the original hold I had will work. If only I could bolt it to something and play standing up, I think I would actually play better.