How to utilize training mode to its fullest

After reading Edma’s brilliant post on the front page (link to those who haven’t seen it yet:, I started to come up with tons of situations and ideas I’d like try in training mode, but have no idea how I’d actually set them up.

I can’t be alone, so please, use this thread to post ideas and techniques in how to use training mode.

Example problem: I want to practice my safe jumps against Boxer’s wake up head butt. How can I set it up so that he does a reversal headbutt on wake-up every time he gets knocked down?

I don’t know what you’re exactly going to try out and if its adaptable, but if I want to train safejumps against ryu (me akuma) i enter trainmode with player1 as ryu and player 2 akuma. So akuma is the dummy. Then I set the dummy (akuma) to record and do my setup i want to try with him. For example forward throw, double dash, mk.demonflipkick. Then i set the dummy to play and do reversal dp as ryu myself.
So simply do your setup as being a dummy on record and do those reversal headbutts with boxer as player 1.

this method works great for testing a setup that you have allready came up with, but for practicing a setup or for trying to come up with new ones i don’t think that will really work that well.

i used that method to test my cammy option selects and it took a fair amount of tinkering. plus it’s not that easy to get a new setup or any setup to be frame perfect everytime you try it. for instance with my cammy option selects i had a pretty good idea of what it was going to look like when it was frame perfect so i was able to identify when the setup was wrong more easily, but if it’s a new setup you might dismiss it as losing to things it shouldn’t lose to just because you did it 1 or 2 frames off the right timing.

Another great situation I’d love to test out, but have no idea how to set up, is from Edma’s post:

  1. Practice block chain strings that leave you far enough to backdash out against a DP mashing Sagat.

How would one set up a dummy to block but DP anytime you mess up a block string?

that one is pretty easy actually. record for like 4 seconds, first off you need to put out 1 normal (this is to signal for you that the dummy has started his routine over) then hold db for a few frames (this will give you a chance to start your block string) then just start mashing db d df d db d df etc. while hitting punch like crazy for 2 seconds.

this allows you to start the block string before the dummy begins mashing dp, just make sure you mash long enough to last your entire block string. the end result from this is that if he comes out of block stun he is going to dp instantly

I find this one really effective.
It’s how I learned to focus dash quickly through projectiles too. Just set it to varying speeds (Since they come out at different speeds dependant on the button used).
Did it a bit with Safejumps for a while.

Though while it’s a good conditioner, I wouldn’t wholeheartedly rely on it since your opponents aren’t always going to be super predictable like this.

Of course not, it’s only a conditioner, just like u say. :slight_smile:
@highlulu: If your off timing you gotta practice some. It only has to come out once with the correct timing and then you can set the dummy to play. Plus, when practicing your opponents counter you also get a valuable insight of what his problems could be. Not that bad, i guess. :slight_smile:

I think this illustrates a general problem with training modes limits. I cant see why it has to be like this if so many of us spend so much time in trining mode. There is a thread about setting up AI opponents of greater use than the current CPU model. Its called AI competition. If we get enough support and interest we can get some real changes made for the better.

If you want to be good at a competition level is practice everything, all your arsenal, every single move.