How to verse Abel?



I just have no idea what to do,

On wake up - Roll so your invincible then use ex command grab 100% I always get grabbed.
Though this guy moves a hell of a lot faster then Zangeif

Things I know
cannot poke
cannot uppercut close range
cannot tech
command grabs…
Just thinking of how Makoto is going to command grab into an Ultra is kinda well you get the idea…
Even just poke-ing then going to a command grab is pretty hard to avoid for me

and just having to resort to spamming uppercuts is… not good
Dashing back also? Also not good and punishable to an ultra

What do you do?
Its one thing if you fly at them and risk something but standing there, go figure.


keep abel knocked down. he has the worse anti air game out of any character. awful wake up. he rolls out? anticipate and grab him out.

any character with a dive kick(rufus, akuma) or superior grab(gief) owns Abel.


Umm. Backdash beats a LOT of Abel’s options.

You can grab both rolls and ex command grabs. You can’t grab a normal command grab though.

Neutral jump a bit more than you would, if you bait out a tornado throw, it leaves Abel wide open.


Stay away from him when he’s up, every Abel i’ve played, constantly spams that tornado throw.


No, rush him down as hard as possible. Abel has poor defensive options, so most of the time you’re trying to get in and not let him breathe.


I’ve done that, and then I have him come at me with throws(i’m terrible sometimes, I know), but it works, he’s always fun to knock around, but then I feel bad


yeah, basically just rush his shit down, hit him with meaty blockstrings on wakeup, only thing he can do then is ex command grab, jump loses, block is in your advantage, if he backdashes you should be able to react and punish it with sweep or something