How to wake up?


Damn I have problems after being knocked down.
I just don’t know what to do and end up DPing every time…
If I don’t do that I end up being grabbed.

The same goes for when I knock the oponned down.

I’m currently playing Ryu and Balrog. When i’m with rog i can win the wake up game some times, but I still feel like my set of options is limited.
Sometimes i throw a sweep, sometimes I wait for them to wake up and try throwing them, sometimes I jump in.

One thing i’ve figured is that people with meter are very likely to throw an EX DP at me if I jump, so I’m kinda working around that doing empty jump in > block.

Here is what I usually try doing:

If I see they are going to hit me from the front (jumping) I block or DP.
If I see that it’s a cross up, I do one of these:

  • Focus Dash away from where they are landing
  • Try blocking and usually fail because i keep pressing down, but that’s my fault
    If it’s Akuma or Ibuki… I just get salty with the air projectiles, have no Idea how to deal with them…
    If they are close to me, I try grabbing them, but end up getting hit by a or cr.lp, but when I try that i always get thrown…

I’m working and getting better with feeling the cross up/front hit difference and reacting to it, but my ground game is still weak and I don’t know what my options are

If anyone can provide some guidance, that would be awesome :slight_smile:
I’ll also work on recording some online matches tomorrow to post them here so you have a better idea about my game.

Thanks in advance
Peace dudes :slight_smile:


From Xian (I think):

You are gambling, most of the time. The three that are most commonly used (i.e. the Rock-Paper-Scissors defense) is block-tech-reversal.

Most of the time you need to block. Anyone can reversal, so you shouldn’t worry about that- but most of the time you need to block. They do their blockstring, sure they gain meter and all, but you get pushed out and then you’re back to neutral.

When they start throwing you to get past your block, then you implement delayed crouch tech. This way you can stay blocking while peppering in tech attempts. It is tricky to learn, but it’s less risky than stand teching, even though stand teching is easier to use.

You tech the throw, you get pushed away, back to neutral.

If they start frame trapping to get past your crouch tech- DP them in the face.

Reversal, you get soft knockdown (or w/e depending on character), and… back to neutral. You see where I’m going with this.

(If they frame trap with a DP FADC… well.)

As you learn your opponent’s tendencies it should be easier to predict what they’re going to do, and you should be able to naturally gamble less, or even use more of the 14 options above… unless you are playing Ranked. Fighting multiple one-off opponents is why sometimes you can do great and sometimes you get stomped- no adjustment period means you’re literally just guessing, even if you have lots of experience.

If you had problems in Endless or offline sets, that would probably be a different story.


@"Drake Aldan"‌ really, thanks a lot man
this is some good stuff, i’ll try putting it to good use


This is kinda the point. If you get knocked down you have to roll the dice. Some characters, Akuma for example, live and die by their mix up from a hard knockdown. If you’re finding you’re getting thrown a lot on wake up try this…

As you’re standing up either block low (preferably) or high for like 1/4 a second and press throw. This will let you block an attack from them if they try to hit confirm a combo and if they throw, you’ll tech them. It’s not 100%, of course. There is a counter to everything.


Learn your character, what they can and can’t do, their best norms etc. Once you’ve learned your character thoroughly, you won’t feel that instinctive need to DP on wake up because you know what your character can do in that situation.


thanks guys
now with this open variety of options, i have noticed some improvement on my gameplay
my main problem was that most of the time I was thinking about going offensively, when the best options is to defend yourself and go back to the neutral game, and start the offense from there