How to wear headset in tournament?


I have not participated in a tournament yet but have seen plenty of video with players wearing headsets.
How is it typically done if both USB ports are used by players’ sticks and you don’t have a headset jack on your stick? Forgive the super noob question.


They’re usually headphones, not headsets. Sometimes tournies use an audio splitter from the monitor out. Sometimes you’re just seeing the player listen to their iPod to drown-out crowd noise.


Generally it’s mainly done for top 8/Main Stage scenarios for crowd noise using audio splitters like mentioned above. Most pool set-ups won’t bother for many reasons like time, damage/theft of equipment.


At my tournaments in Detroit i use 2 pairs of the turtle beach headsets but only hook up the audio not mics. I run a splitter from the headphone jack out of the Asus moniter and send one signal to a set of external speakers and the other to adapter for the headset plugs. To power the headphones i plug a usb splitter into a standard usb phone charging block instead of plugging it into a ststem. This way if i have to switch to a different console i dont have to redo to headphones