How to weigh down a HRAP?

I was wondering if anyone has done this or had any suggestions

you know when you take off the bottom metal plate and there is empty spaces around the sides. I was thinking of putting something in there
( what i dont know) to weigh it down more.

i know im a bit crazy since it’s kinda heavy to begin with but i still want it heavier

I added Dynamat.
2 birds
1 stone

A roll of pennies on each side would be a cheap option.

Be super ghetto like Saulubi and put a piece of concrete in it.

Lead, if you have it. Or Iron.

does he have pics of this? give me a link if u can

Bottom of the page there is a pic.

cool thx for the replies…i got some ideas to work with now

Adding mass to the bottom plate is the easiest option, but not the best. Definitely doable though.

You mean the stuff on this site?

I don’t get it, probably because I hadn’t heard of it before today. That stuff is supposed to reduce sound? I’m just kind of confused. Is it particularly heavy? And what’s the other bird? Thanks in advance. >.>

It’s a material which reduces the transmission of noise and vibration by means of extensional damping (at least that’s what it’s made for).

Is it to just get your stick to stop moving? You might want to try adding those frictional rubber thingimigizys or something at the bottom of your stick.

Bird # 1

  • In regards to density, it’s heavy for the small space it occupies and it’s rubber is a self adhesive.
    Bird # 2
    *Softened the sound of me wailing on the buttons.

I don’t really recommend the use of dynamat in this application (it’s expensive), I just happened to have a friend who works at a popular electronics retail store. The markup on this stuff is ridiculous.

In conjunction with the suction creating rubber feet on my stick…

… it don’t move.

^^ Those are from Home Depot right? I put them on my MAS, much better than the little rubber ones they and many others use.

im still gonna weigh my hrap down, but also what i just started to use works good also.
those sticky rubber mats at wallmart that you put inside cabinets , lay it out and put your stick on top of it, that helps alot

Where did you put the Dynamat? On the sides and bottom plate? This idea sounded interesting so I found a guy that would sell me 3’ X 2’ pieces for $5 each.

Your imagination FTW.