How to whiff ? ( iad and other )



i want to whiff of air-forward and air-jabs/shorts …

how to do verticle-jump into iad ??

i just don’t want them to parry my air-pokes


iad is tapping up+towards,towards

fierce and roundhouse always whiffs in an instant air dash


they’ll soon get it …

i want is jump-VERticle -> IAD -> whiff-air-jab …
and it landed in front of the opponent


you don’t make sense…

IAD means Instant Air Dash, thus making it an instant air dash from the ground, if your jumping verticle then did an IAD, it would be considered an air dash.

If what your trying to say is do a dash that’s as high from the ground as the IAD, then just tap forward twice right before you hit the ground. warning though, the only thing that whiffs on that approach is the RH and FP, all the rest would hit. I don’t think there is a way to whiff the jab either, it stays out too long and it would end up hitting from pretty much every height that would make whiffing it practical. So if you want to whiff something from a higher air dash the FK is the universial one for that. Not only does it whiff, but the animation ends quick so you can land and do a quick grab. The other move that whiffs from a high airdash is the SP, but that isn’t very conventional as it stays out too long and is easy to see.