How to win a fighting game tournament?


Any tips on how? I sick of not winning


should probably ask xes, he knows everything there is about fighting games even though he doesn’t play


Funny you should ask this question. I too, have pondered this. So I took it upon myself to conduct extensive research and experiments through countless viewings of major and regional tournies. I have figured out the best strategy to winning a tournament and it’s quite simple. I think the best way to win a tournament IMHO is to not get eliminated. Be the eliminator but not the eliminatee. That is the single common trait shared amongst all the champions.

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How to win a tournament?

Simple. DO NOT LOSE.


I can’t believe this was actually asked…


Just Win Wronggg!!


Make others not win.


Come in with a good plan and then outplay everyone.


You can start by playing against the best of the best on a consistent basis. Daily with several hours each day and extra on weekends.

Once you have done this for a year, you can come back to ask for more advice, but most likely you will be able to answer your own questions at that point.