How to win against online tactics?


I just came to terms with my frustrations with Viper after losing to a Ryu that literally jumped over and over and over and just mashed normals. With main Guile these playing pretty much best themselves and I just turn my brain off and air throw them and cr hp over and over.

I watched at my aa thunder knuckles whiffed and my burn kicks were dp’d and I have no button to answer my obvious reads with. I felt like the jumping mashing ryu was rewarded way more for his Yolo playstyle than my reads and time spent on execution.

What makes Viper better than say Guile or Rog who is just gonna press 2 buttons and punish the crap out of online tactics when viper can barely aa


try either focus attacks to adsorb and dash away, or if you can time it let it rip and hit them. Dash forward if they are crossing u up


I know what you mean… I am new, and all people do online is mashing normals and they beat everything I do…

If it wasnt that I like the game, I would have sold it already, less than one week after buying it…


You have the wrong mentality. If you’re letting them do these kinds of things, what makes you better than them? If Ryu is jumping in, why not just block if you’re not confident with thunder knuckle? Most players that have a yolo style will generally kill themselves at one point, or take risks over and over again.

Viper is a good character because her rush down is very strong, she has pretty good normals, and for the most part a low risk, high reward game play.

Also if you’re “reads and execution” aren’t working, than you lack in fundamentals.


Lol, lilb play nice. You can criticize, but you have to offer assistance and direction afterwards. :wink:

Watch this playlist, it should help you figure out scrub busting. Every character can do it. For viper, if your execution is high enough, you can take between 1/3 to 1/2 life from your opponents, get a mixup afterwards and potentially stun from one bad shoryuken style move from your opponent. Your mixup should probably be something that beats out or makes whiff the next shoryken style move they will perform on wake up…


Don’t play SF4 online. You’ll win by default.


I disagree because I body them with Guile who is pretty much only fundamentals. Online, in lag, Viper suffers enough to where she has a hard time making up for her lack of solidness in certain areas.


it’s a shame people have to use online to learn these hard ass games. I wish they were more popular.


You said all you do with Guile is cr.fierce and air throw. If people are doing that, it doesn’t mean you have great fundamentals, just that they’re not patient and don’t know the match up. You need to have good fundamentals with viper if you want to strive with her. She has almost every type of game play in the game. She can zone with Seismo’s, her rush down/mix up game is very solid, and she can play lame when she needs too. Too use all her types of game play accordingly, you need to have experience, and dedicate a good amount of time to training room, and watching/studying match ups. What I recommend is looking up replays of vipers, and see what they do in the area’s that you feel she isn’t solid in.


“If you can not beat them, beat them! Because they will be expecting you to join them and you will have the element of surprise!”