How to win an Abel mirror match?

Duking it out to find the best Abel between some of my friends, any tips?

(The match-up thread is bare of any Abel vs Abel tips)

i’ve seen firsthand that abel can have a hard time getting out of his own pokestrings if they don’t have ex bar for exTT. also, throw em when they roll! (i doubt they would roll much against another abel who ought to know to throw em out of it)

the mirror match is kinda lame anyway. wouldn’t seeing who had the best abel be each of you taking turns using abel to beat OTHER characters? and then deciding who did the best job of it? practice on ryu, he shows up a lot, online and offline owns his wheelkick

besides that it’s basically a toin coss as to who gets first knockdown and iniciative

Abel mirror matches are as fun as Zangief vs Zangief

i hate mirror matches

Rush down harder

Just fought my first decent Abel opponent last night. As Strider Hyriu says, whoever gets the initiative wins. If you’re getting poked, EX TT or jump the tick TT to turn the tide. There’s a Shiro Abel v another Abel vid on youtube that should give you lots of ideas.

i love abel vs abel matches, i just rush him down and abuse the mk dash. no ex=no way out. same goes for chun li, rufus, balrog, and some others

so many dumb shenanigans in Abel mirrors.
Whoever’s TT is slower by a frame or two, wins and so on. Best of all is when the stars align and you both TT at exactly the same time, and your Abels gingerly reach out to stroke each other’s chests affectionately.
Secret is to rush down, ruthlessly. Abel’s biggest weakness is a pressure game, and Abel’s pressure game is sick, so… whoever lands the first f+mk or knockdown wins :lol:

Me and Abelity just had a mirror match yesterday only one match though because i had to leave it was actually pretty fun and alot of the match was mindgames and baiting pretty much.

Haha I underestimated my friends :stuck_out_tongue:
They had difficulty blocking high for the wheel kick, and wiffed COD so many times xD

Eventually they wanted to get their pride back, and used their mains, and I lost to a Zangief >.>

How to win an Abel mirror match: Get your bullshit in first.

It’s okay, we’re all use to it.