How to Wire Buttons to the Directional Inputs?


i have a dual modded stick with a cthulhu board and i wanted to experiment with using a keyboard stick type layout. i tried to just connect the two wires to the button and attach both of the other ends in to the screw in terminal on the cthulhu but that doesn’t work.

can anyone tell me how to wire a button to a direction on the cthulhu?


That is what you do.
Just wire a Button to the Cthulhu.

I have a feeling I know what you are doing wrong.
I would like to see a picture.


lol. Should probably read up on some very basic joystick modding stuff in the FAQ, but your problem is simple enough. Only one of those wires should be in the screw terminal; the other should be connected to a ground.


oooh hahaha ok i got it. i’m gonna have to stick 5 wires in to the ground terminal but i got it to work! thank you both for the super quick responses :slight_smile:


daisy chain them like you do the other buttons