How to wire Seimitsu LS 32

I’ve posted this in the Newbie thread a few days ago and recieved no responses, so thought I would start a thread as I’d really like to get this figured out.

Here’s what I have:

Seimitsu LS 32
Happ Comp Buttons
Wired Xbox 360 controller (newer version).

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong (probably lots), but my stick isn’t interfacing with the Xbox 360 controller properly.

I’ve soldered a male DB25 cable to the gamepad. Then I ran a female DB25 cable to my arcade stick, similar to what they did here:

And this is how I wired up my controller:

Except instead of wiring to a 5 pin connector that would go to an LS 32-01 or whatever, I wired each separate direction from xbox 360 pad to one of the prongs on each side of the joystick, and then chained a common wire with the other prongs to the common spot shown on the picture.

First thing - am I supposed to be wiring anything to the Ground, and/or +5V points on the xbox controller? If so what?

I hooked it up to my computer to see what it was saying I’m pressing, and it thinks I’m pressing buttons 2, 4, 6 when I move directional pad in the upper left hand corner, and it thinks I’m pressing buttons 2 and 4 when I move stick to just the left… and thats it. So something is fundamentally wrong here.

I’m not really sure why I haven’t gotten any responses yet. I’ve searched quite a bit and can’t seem to find what I’m doing wrong

As I mentioned, I daisy-chained the common wire between one prong on each side of the the joystick. Is this common wire supposed to go to the common point in the diagram, or to a ground?

If the pCB thinks your pressing buttons when your not pressing buttons. Then it’s the wiring. Maybe you bridged some connections. Or possibly some of the rubber insolation on the USB lead that goes from the PCB to the Xbox has come off a bit. And the wires are exposed… Could be lots of things to be honest

An actual picture of your work would help too.

Well, I figured out the main problem I was having - as I mentioned I wired the arcade stick to a female DB25 end, but when I did that, I matched all of the pins from the xbox controller rather than mirroring it (so instead of pin 1 going to pin 1, it was pin 13 going to pin 1). I’m suprised any buttons at all were working.

Now I’m getting about 6 buttons working. So far it looks like button 1 and 2 are registering as 1, and 3 and 4 are registering as 4. Button 5 seems to work properly (that’s the LB). I can’t recall which other ones are working, but 1 or 2 more are.

The joystick doesn’t seem to work at all - it thinks I’m pressing one of the buttons when I move it left or right, and up and down does nothing.

Anyway, I’m assuming it has something to do with how I’ve got the buttons daisy chained to the common on the pad…?

Here are a few pictures of what I’ve got so far:

(I realize it looks horrible right now)

It appears the PCB you are using is NOT the same one as the one in the picture you linked to. Yours looks like the early 360 wired pcb, while the one in your picture is the later 360 wired pcb.

This one looks a bit more like your PCB.

Which is probably what’s causing all your problems, the grounds and signals on those two PCBs are switched in various places.

kashwashwa, you are using non-Common Ground Microsoft Xbox 360 PCB.
So you are having problem with Ground also.

Wow, thanks for the replies…
I’m not sure why I was certain that I had a later version of the controller. Guess I need to get my eyes checked.

Now, having said that, in the diagram of the early controller it appears as though not every single button has to have two wires coming off of it… like on the D-pad, only UP, and LEFT have a common associated to them. Does that mean that those common leads can be shared?

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the early controller, similar to the one someone made for the later one that I posted in the OP?


The non-Common Ground Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller has seven shared Grounds:
LEFT and LB.
UP and DOWN and RB.
RIGHT and BACK and LC.
X and A and RC.
B and Y.
LT and RT.

So yes, you will have some Signals sharing some Grounds.

Awesome, thanks - that’s exactly what I needed to know. Was hoping I wouldn’t have to get rid of the DB25 cable setup, and that leaves me with enough wires.

Well, all of my buttons are working except for two things:

  1. When I press LEFT, it also says I’m pressing button 5 (or LB). Now, these can share a common, but I have both the LB, and Dpad Left wired with their own two wires.

  2. my Dpad UP doesn’t work at all… i tested the signal wire and negative or whatever it would be called, and it shows that I have them both wired directly to the prongs on the joystick, but it does not activate when I press up…

Well, I finally had a chance to have a brief look at my arcade stick again (too busy lately).

I found that if I connect a wire directly from the signal to ‘common’ point on my Dpad LEFT, it says I’m also pressing button 5 (LB)… I dont even know how this is possible?

It must have something to do with the fact that the LB also shares the LEFT common. I guess is there any way to press a Left on Dpad without using that common?