How to wire up a custom made arcade stick

hi i wanted to know that iv heard of slagcoin coin but for some reoson i can seem to find how to wire up a ps3 siaxis controller using a axisadapter i think it called can any one give me a direct link please.

You looked at the Official AXISdapter Thread?

Shows how wired.

See how next to each terminal (blue strip) there are letter/numbers. Those are the corresponding button signal. You just need to put some stripped wire into the terminal and screw it down. Now for the other end of the wire, you are going to want to strip its end and put a quick disconnect on it that will fit what ever button type you want. You are also going to need to create a daisy chain of grounds and connect those to the buttons.

There is a good guide that was made for modding the SFAC Stick but it is still relevant for the wire crimping part which is about 3/4 of the way down.

Its a lot easier to visualize making it, i.e. look at the guide and picture it for using it with the axisadapter, instead of reading how to do it based on my response