How to workt the TE mockup?

dont understand how it works. It says to past the image in one of the layers but how do i do so?
Am i supposed to resize and adjust the image myself to fit the angle or does it do this for me?

You paste the image into where it tells you to.
Then you just run the Action.

whereso i copy image in photoshop or in picture preview and paste into the layer?

Do this.

Then this.

this is the image i want to mockup

this is what it looks like once i paste it. not resized

this is all i see in actions. nothing as to what yours look like

sorry, i just dont understand this stuff too well

You didn’t load the action into Photoshop, here’s a video showing how:

How to load action into Photoshop

Just find the .atn file in the folder that you unzipped.

Once you’ve loaded it once, it’ll be there whenever you start PS.

You have to load the Action into Photoshop.
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