How to zone out characters that have dynamic attacks (rolling pokes, dive kicks, whatever t.hawk do)

I was playing Vanilla for awhile and it was all Sagats/Ryu/Ken, and I knew those matchups very well. They also didn’t have many entrances that made them hard to zone.

Dive kicks, stuff like T.Hawk’s cross up body splash thing, Gen and Vega’s flying stuff, and Cammy’s diving drill kick are hard for me to hit with normals, my best bet is usually a flash kick…which isn’t that great of an anti-air.

Some stuff I can air throw them out of but its not very reliable.

Learn to Anti Air with your normals.

I find my aas get stuffed a lot of the time by dive kicks. Recently watched Dieminion against Cammy in 25th Anniversary qualifier and even he mostly just blocked them, with the odd anti-air. AAing divekicks seems to be quite situational, from what I’ve seen in tournaments and from my own (very limited) experience.
Is there a good way to train AAing as well? I can AA in the training room all day long and never miss one, but find my AA’s get stuffed 7 out of 10 times online…

I usually have my fingers set on certain buttons depending on the spacing between me and my opponent. I also think about what the probabilities of certain characters reach are on a jump in. Identifying your opponent’s jump patterns (if any) is another good approach. A really well known Canadian Sagat player once mentioned that instead of trying to Anti Air immediately, simply block and attempt to identify his/her fighting pattern. You’ll automatically figure out which buttons to use to shut down his gameplay.

I am still struggling to punish characters dynamic moves. Especially if they are EX I absolutely have no idea how to punish a lot of flying wall bouncing dive kicking bicycle kicking EX stuff. They seem to out prioritize everything I do.

I am gettin frustrated and am not really enjoying the footsie game in AE like I did in vanilla.

In Vanilla most of the approaches were traditional from sf2. Also when I started planing vanilla in 2010 alot of people moved on to Super so it was mostly Kens Ryus and Sagats remaining and all three I would train them to jump then air throw them. That was my whole game. I don’t know how to use this strategy in the newest version where the characters are more dynamic.

Thanks for all the input so far, though, I really appreciate it.

Back dash Cammy dive kicks. Especially on wake up. Yun/Yang dives can be punished easily. Just block Hawk’s. You can do whatever you want to him on follow up. Only ultra 2 catches a blocked ex dive. Turtle in these match ups.

Backdashing Cammy’s Divekicks = Eat OS Spiral Arrow/Ultra 1 or delayed Cannon Strike. T.Hawk’s Ex Dive has an input where he doesn’t bounce back and dives right in. These matchups = Know your Anti Airs and spacing.

Thanks for the advice earlier Nemesys - have already seen an improvement in my AA game. I’ve found I’ve been far more prepared for jump-ins more often, and better able to AA them. Been having some success with St. HP and Sobat against Divekicks too.

Yun and Yangs dive kick is really hard to beat

hurtbox on Yun’s divekick is extremely huge. Just aim for under his toes depending on the angle he’s coming and have that Anti air ready.

far mk

That only works if they divekick from outside sweep range.

T hawk is badass against guile
Here’s a few tips against t hawk:
simply block his dives, all non-ex dives can be punished with a standing heavy kick, this will discourage t hawk to dive as much, giving you more opportunities to air grab etc.
abuse UDK
limit yourself to around 10~15 sb per game. more if t hawk decides to distant himself
t hawk is the hardest opponent to zone, therefore focus on normals
good luck

Sonic hurricane punished all blocked dives (even ex). If he goes for the wiff dive into ultra/hammer, stand HP or udk.

After a knockdown try a lk cross up then immediately neutral jump. Most hawks attempt a hammer so punish with combo. Abuse of this will get you dped.

Don’t be predictable with booms.

Free backfist or ultra off a blocked condor dive :smiley: and if you space it right against yun,rufus standing mk or even mp beats it clean.