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how do you wire up a happ arcade power supply?

I was dumb and guessed and blew the fuse (why would black not be ground…).

anyway I got a happ arcade power supply and was trying to figure out how to wire it up. so I look inside my brothers supergun and saw the connects from the jack pretty much go directly to the power supply. With exception of one wire that first goes to a fuse, and then to an on/off switch and then over to the PS.

so I figured that I can just cut open one of the computer power cables (especially after seeing the cables like that but with 3 wires coming out of the end) and just connect the wires to the terminals. inside where 3 wires, black, green and white. so I put the Black (assumed it was ground) to the FG, and the other two to the AC terminals. plugged it in and saw some sparks and the fuse blew.

I then douible checked my brothers supergun and saw that on his the ps on the two AC terminals one had “N” and the other had “L”. which was on the back of the computer plug that I had chopped up. I then used a multimeter (I think its going bad though :frowning: ) and saw that the black wasn’t FG, so I then wired it up again and the light went on. though when I tried to use the multimeter to test the voltage I kept on getting wrong numbers (-20 volts in midair…) and when put on the terminals, it just moved however it wanted to.

so I’m going to purchase another multimeter, but in the mean time if any of you have any suggestions on how to properly wire it up I’d be glad to hear them.

that and I probably need to get another power supply :frowning:

How about saying something in the subject line.

or if you know the answer, just say it instead of wasting your time and mine.

got a new working multimeter and the voltages are coming up correctly, so I’m fine.