How-To's Series Spider Man



Hey guys this is the Gaming is a Calling crew once again. Here trying to contribute to the FGC with one of the coolest cats around Spiderman. As always a sample below and the playlist can be foundhere. We really hope you guys enjoy.



Kindly post this in the video thread.


thanks man can you direct me towards that with a link so I can make it happen? and will it allow me to add a message such as the one provided here?


Just check the stickied ones on the main Spider-Man page. You should also take a look at the combo thread for more combo ideas if you plan on making more vids. This first combo you posted actually whiffs on some crouching chars dependent on spacing because of s:m:'s hitbox.

Here’s the video thread linkif you’re feeling lazy.


Do you guys think that the 6th combo in that video playlist is the most effective way to lead into a TOD?

I’m trying to pick up Spider-Man and learn a new team of maybe Spidey/wolverine/Doom (probably hidden missles)


Nope. The spider sting at the end of the combo lifts your opponent too high, enabling them to escape just by doing a forward tech plus a fast attack. Like for most of the cast, the most effective way to get TODs is by doing an assist extend combo to super (MS or CA) then DHC to another super.

Your team choice is going to have problems since Spidey can’t really use much of Wolv’s assist and Wolverine can’t effectively use and protect missiles assist. Try to check the team building thread to get and idea how to compose your Spidey team. You’d probably get more replies there because most posters here have that thread on watch.


thanks for the help


All those combo’s are terribly inefficient. Good lord.


Thanks! Didn’t want to be the one to break it to him.




Oh come on guys. Everyone has to start an idea somewhere. Yes they are like sfiv basic but we can guide them as well

I blame it on Airborne… shrug