How u learn footsies


how do u practice footsies or learn them.


Reading about it in the beginners links at the top of this thread is a good start.


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But seriously Footies in Fighting games also known as The neutral game


Read this, there will be a final at the end of the semester.


play a fightingame that isn’t SF4. This is the best advice i can give you.


By studying in training mode. You need to learn

  • The range of your opponent’s pokes
  • The range of your pokes
  • How to counter your opponent’s pokes with your character

Offensive footsies: pokes designed to hit the opponent. You see these spammed frequently.
These are generally the medium and heavy normal

Defensive footsies: pokes designed to NOT hit the opponent, but control space in front of you. It protects you, in case your opponent does an offensive poke,
their limb enters the space your controlling, and you beat them out.
These are generally all four lights + Focus Attack
*Focus Attack is a different case, but still a defensive line.

Whiff punish:

  • A poke or normal attack has three parts [startup-active-recovery]
  • A poke is usually safe on block. Eg. -2 or -3 on block.
  • The key to punishing them, is to “dodge” or be outside range, and then punish its recovery with a counter move that is fast enough to reach


  • Inside Range: You are vulnerable to attack from the specific poke. The poke will make contact: hit or block
  • Outside Range: You are just outside their poke range. Can differ per standing or crouching. Their poke will whiff
  • Poke to poke Range: Your poke and their poke may simultaneously make contact or trade
    *For whiff punishing you want to be just outside range, the closer the better your chances to whiff punish
    *For Focus Attack, you want to be inside range, and release on contact against the “vulnerable” offensive pokes.


  • Set the dummy to playback and record: Certain poke into immediate crouch block
  • Try to stand in the right place and punish

A few examples: Zangief VS Chun Li

Chun Li’s Far Standing HK: Use Zangief’s crouch LP, Focus Attack, DF+HK (long trip)
Chun Li’s Crouching HK: Use Zangief’s crouch LP, far standing LK, Focus Attack
Chun Li’s Standing MP: Use Zangief standing LP, crouching LP

Then in a real match, you and the opponent are dancing around, controlling the spacing, and positioning.

  • If they are whiff punishing your pokes, you have to step forward, so that your poke makes contact
  • If they are countering your pokes, or switching their pokes, you have to make the switch to re-counter them.
  • If they are defending with lights, you have to use lights to re-counter or take a chance with an offensive poke like a sweep

Essentially, you have to know the match up. PM me if you have any questions, its a very advanced topic that not many players understand. Hope that helps


You must watch the movie footloose


Read this thread to get the basics:

Read the Sonic Hurricane link from above for a more in depth look:

After that just play a lot and try to apply these concepts to all your matches. Once you’re actually thinking about the ground game, you just need to play a lot.

I don’t think ground game/footsies is that complicated. You can do it if you try!