How u open people up with frame traps


i was wondering how do u open people up with frame traps do u have to condition them for tech throwing first or what ?


For frametraps to work they have to press buttons, if you never throw them then there is no reason for them to press buttons, is there? Going for the throw is crucial in establishing this. If they didnt tech then keep throwing them. If they start teching use a shimmy or frametrap. If they mash cr.lp to stop your throws then just frametrap them to death. After they got hit so often they will either block and learn or are willing to take a bigger risk and do an invincible reversal. Smart players will use vreversals though.

So yeah, in short for anthing to be effective you need to condition people, if they keep getting hit or thrown just do it over and over and over until they learn…or ragequit.