How Useful are Counter Hits in this game?

I was reading through the Brady Games’ Marvel vs Capcom 3 guide, and came across a counter hit which utilizes Dante’s Style Cancel into 4H from 5H, which is good; since I use it as a safe way to end his 2L, 5M, 5H combo string when it’s block and don’t have to go for the S Launcher.

However, I realized after mastering this combo with Dante (Counter Hit 5H~4H, Dash 5M, S, Super Jump, sj.M, sj.M, sj.H, sj.236M, sj.M, dj.M, dj.H, j.236L, 5H, 214A~H, 236 ATK+ATK) that I had no idea when a move counter hits. I set the counter hit in the training menu to “Random” and did it, and still had no idea and couldn’t confirm the hits until after I had already dashed forward (would get 3 hits on counter hit and only 2 his on normal hit).

In BlazBlue the announcer would say, “COUNTER!” or if it was a fatal counter they would say, “FATAL!”, I play Super Street Fighter IV as well, and I believe even they had something to indicate a counter hit, which made counter hit combos more viable. On this game however, I don’t see any visual indication that you have successfully landed a counter hit beyond guessing and thinking that you have interrupted an opponent’s move.

Am I missing something? Or do I need to visibly pay attention and see if I do indeed interrupt something? This would help a lot.

Yeah I’ve been trying to figure this out too how Capcom would implement a counter hit system in a game where there’s no visual detail that you landed a counter hit. The only exception being a few choice moves that create completely different effects on counter. If the combo can be done without counter hit that’s one thing since u can just auto pilot and get the benefit of an easier link but if something requires a counter hit without a sound or display icon it gets kinda random.

That’s a pretty cool idea. I don’t think I even fathomed how useful it was in Blazblue until now. :wow:

I remember reading that counter hits produce a red impact burst on the character instead of the usual yellow, but it must not be very noticeable

I just checked it out and it does create a subtle red effect compared to a normal hit. However, with the craziness that happens in the background, and the fact that some characters are wearing red clothing, and the small time frame you actually have; it’s not good enough of a cue to effectively take advantage of. Might have to just give that combo up with Dante.

I play wolverine, when you do his dive kick (down+H in the air) you get significantly more crumple on counter hit. It’s 100% noticeable. All moves may not be like that.

Just letting you know, Counter Hits, according to the Brady Games MvC3 Strat Guide, give you +2 frames of advantage on whatever move you counterhit with.

You mean out poking them or something? Let’s say Wolverine high jumps into the air and does a dive kick, I use Katana-rama with Deadpool, chances are your going to miss and there’s really no way of telling if that Wolverine is even going to be accurate or just miss and end up landing when your using something such as the launch button and Wolverine gets the combo for something you did. Besides, most people just try to keep things in an assist loop so even then you can’t do anything but block for a certain time.

Just picture two characters on the ground at sweep distance, what are they going to do except walk backwards?

yea, the game lets you know but its just really hard to see.

counter hit needs a bigger red spark, different hit stun animation, different deeper sound effect and some signage up top that says counter hit.

also regular hits seem to be hard to notice @ times too. Regular hits need a bigger spark and a different sound effect. In mvc2, I could see any character poke and tell your whether or not it hit. Its like 100x harder to tell in this game.

so its not just me? i really felt like i was the only one who thought i couldnt tell what attack is what. i think the hitpsarks should be smaller IMO

The screen shakes when you get a counter hit, its very subtle but try to smack someone out of a fireball from point blank range, and when you get hit with it you’ll see what I mean.

Best testing example (actually when I saw it) was doing a photon shot very close to the ground with DD and a Wolverine was trying to low jab me out of it, when all five hits landed I noticed it was different then most hits and I had a chance to follow up.