How was the Gouki code found?

Just wondering… It doesn’t seem like something somebody would just stumble upon.

I like to think it was accidentally entered by a wayward scrub who mashes ALL THE TIME. Even on the character select screen.

“Nnnggghh. NNNGHHGHH!! … hey, whoa.”

But if the wayward scrub mashes all the time how would he have been able to timed it so well with the exact character order to pick Akuma?

the girl in sosage’s avatar found it… :rofl:, i love this avatar.


Shoot, you’ve torn a huge flaw-hole in my little theory.

But seriously this is a good question and I hope somebody here has the answer!

Likely leaked by Capcom to raise interest.

Same with Shin Akuma in A2? I know that I accidentally did the Evil Ryu code cuz my start button was stuck… then it took me about another half hour to solidify exactly what it was to get the code.

btw, i still can’t get akuma in ST.

I’ve been thinking about this and it’s very possibly true, since anyone who picks Akuma in ST is a cocksucker.

It was not leaked they release it when Tokege of japan beat the game in a contest they made to go through the game with not losing a round when it first came out when he did and, was able to fight AKUMA thats when capcom release the code to pick him. you can read it in street fighter’s facts, On Wikipedia…:rock:

nice, thanks.

lmao bet he shatt himself.

Holy shit thats quite an acomplishment !

I can’t even get past 3 charecters in a row without continuing 13.3 times :rofl: and he did THE WHOLE FUCKING GAME WITHOUT LOSING A ROUND ?!?!?!?


Who did he use ?

Maybe he used Akuma. :bgrin: :bgrin: :bgrin:

I can’t seem to find the wiki article you are referring to.
any help someone??:blush:

If im not mistaken first he used BISON, japan (VEGA) to do it.

Sorry took so long to reply got arrested for street fighting

My thing is he did this on hte arcade version and eveyone who’s played it knows just how hard it is to do that let alone not Losing a round.

In case you guys did not know this is one of the biggest ST tournament that goes on every year next to EVO.

Right now as it stands ST is like 30 people but, its always double that amount when the day get’s here

I know i would of.

I read this about 6 or so months ago i’ll try and find it again it was a link a friend of mine sent me…

Thanks for reply. + repz

:tup: Good job. SRK is proud of you

The game was, most certainly, SF2X, which has a way more forgiving CPU. Also, the default speed is turbo 2, which is slower than SF2T turbo 2. As an instance, I, who am just a fan, but far from professional level, could easily defeat the first 4 enemies without losing more than 50% health. That on maximum difficulty, eight (8), being that the default is four (4). Still, props to him, as he was the one to do it among many others.

As a final note, I get owned bad by the ST CPU, also.


Trivia sections are discouraged by Wikipedia policies. Most likely, they have removed the info because of not being able to properly present it through the normal flow of the text. Which, by the way, should not have happened. From Wikipedia:

Easy mode for beating ST CPU = Pick Honda or Claw

I still haven’t managed to get a 1cc Win in ST, because every time I’m about to I accidentally get to Akuma instead and he rapes me. I think i’ve gotten to him 4-5 times now (and now I basically dont bother playing the CPU unless Im really bored and can’t con any of my roomates to come play on the cab)

Supposedly the Japanese version is alot easier than U.S.