How was your experience with shopping with lizardlick?

Let your voice be heard here. Vote honestly and lets keep the preaching either way out of this post. Althought I am sure there are a few bitches that’s gonna come in here with the “why did you make this post, crying”

Your persistence is getting old. IBTL

Terrible! Wait times were unacceptable and will never shop again


Hypocrite much? The reason you created this thread is so you could bitch and moan about how poor your experience with LL was, when you could have ordered much prior to the SFIV release and rush, and could have been a happy camper. But no, you cry and make pointless threads.

Any way I can vote “Terrible” and have it reflect my experience with this thread instead?

Didn’t I tell you a cry baby bitch would post in this thread?

2009, move along.

This thread is pointless…much like your existence.

I voted almost a month with no parts.

Because it’s true.

Although I think they are trying to do a good job.

Is there anyway you can stick this POLL into the other Lizard Lick thread?

And clutter up the LizardLick thread with even more pointless bitching and drama? That’s a stupid idea.

ummm isn’t that what that thread already is?

Whiners and Nut Huggers.

before the street fighter 4 shenanegans…
it was fantastic.
but now when when his business designed to serve ~50 orders a week got hammered, it took me longer to get my stuff. Will shop again during down times, but wont bother the month after SF4 ver2 comes out.

by june LL should be back to normal.

Jeez, you guys are impatient. Now I’ve never shopped with Lizardlick before, but all research prior to this incident indicate that they are a 99% reliable company. They’ve never had to deal with orders of such magnitude before, so this is understandable that they’re running a little late.

You guys think a month with no parts is bad?I once waited 3 months for backordered DS accessories costing 125 bucks in total and even worse than that is the incident that occurred with a custom stick builder on this site where all involved waited over 6 months for their shit and still haven’t gotten it all. Tough it up and stop slandering a business that, before now, had very few-no black marks on their record.

It’s not even a business in the true sense of the word. It’s a online store where some guy orders parts from japan in mass quantity and then sells them on to you. It’s not a multi-million pound business with high annual turn over like Amazon, that is capable of hiring additional workers when demand is high. And they don’t have workers for different departments so he can’t handle customer requests and email/run the webpage and send out your parts. If the guy has to pack 100+ orders a day then you best just stfu and let him get on with it if you want your parts anytime this year. And that is just the cold hard truth of the situation. No whining or complaining is going to solve this issue, you’ll just have to man up and wait.

This is hilarious. Ignorance at its finest. All you can do is call others names. Doesn’t help your case, buddy.

Chad is doing a great job.