How was your reaction when you first got SFxT

How were your first reactions when you first got the game? How did it compare to SSF4 and other games for you?

Seems like everyones still busy playing, but I’d like to know as well. I know my first reaction was “Wow! Gamefly actually shipped me a game on release day!” So I’ll be able to tell you tomorrow. :smiley:

I bought the special edition from a local shop in HK.

I put it in my system.

I realized link timing was weird.

Then I learned a few Jin and Lily combos and I jizzed all over the place with joy.

I like this game. <3

Why can’t I choose Elena?

I really like it.

I’m fucking pissed that for whatever reason they decided that you shouldn’t be able to end the light+medium+hard combos with special moves.

WHY? Why would they do that? I can’t think of anyway that would be broken at all

It would be to easy mode IMO

Or just use a ex bar at the the end

My reaction when I first booted the game, went into training mode and started playing with Poison:

I was like that too. Except out of every orifice. Everywhere.

Why the fuck did they make throws worse?
Why the fuck did they make button config worse?
Other than that I enjoy my time with it.

Good. I’m tired of grabbers.

Grapplers are still pretty darn mean I hear…

It’s not about grapplers it’s about having normal throw ranges be the worst I have ever seen. Giefs SPD range is still amazing anyway so you are still going to be butthurt.

me i was thrilled tell i went online and found out its a abomination online with no sound…i had a homie grab me a regular copy at midnight, just went and canceled my order for 2 special editions 1 for xbox and 1 for my ps3 before they shipped it from amzon…You can tell they rushed this out to make street date and then you add the online glitchs and the on disc dlc… I have a feeling this is gonna be king of fighter style…Mk non online game, better have a community to level up with

Yeah they seemed to reduce the throw range of non-grappling characters so they can give grappling characters their specialty. I really love this game, I find it way funner than SSF4, faster paced. Better stages and music. Tekken characters, Unique Combos, tagging and switching.

First I did the tutorial. Love. Then I did Ryu’s trials. I remember noticing how satisfying the combos felt, and that’s when I knew for sure I’m gonna love this game.

You play SFxT on your computer monitor?

Why do you have miss fortune as your signature, she was released a year ago lol

It’s a jab at Skullgirls

Dan talks too much, lol