How/when to use the turbo function?

Sorry if there is a really obvious answer to this question, how/when can I use the turbo function?

I have a Mad Catz fightstick and I have assigned the turbo buttons, I just don’t know how to use the turbo function in battle :confused:

You don’t…

Or at least shouldn’t.



Oh man, I hope you have a flame suit.

I’m a nice guy though so, I would say you could use those functions for something like Blanka’s electricity attack thingamajig. Most people frown upon that though, but whatever floats your boat.

For shmups, it can be a godsend. But the really hard core would probably frown on that too.

I would only use it with certain games as an added fun factor (smups or certain side-scrolling plat formers). using it to try and gain some kind of edge against online opponents is rather low, and in the end will only make you worse at the game.

I turned my turbo mode on for the first time last week against a blanka. It actually helped me jab him out of horizontal balls. I felt a little dirty, but shit… it worked. I guess I’ll just practice hitting the button faster. I haven’t bothered to do it again, but I haven’t had as much luck hitting him out of balls since then either.

spamming is easier when you just have to hold a button down :smiley:

Couldn’t have said it better. For the record I am in the camp that does not use turbo for SF or any fighting game…although in hindsight, while trying to do certain things in the hard trial challenges in SF4, I tried turbo out frustration, did not help one bit, timing is everything and it was never constant.

Helps with one frame links.
Practice it with Turbo on then Try it with turbo off, helps alot, I did it and I learnt Cr.Mp Into ultra with ryu in no time.

I don’t see any proper use for Turbo, and I’m actually a bit puzzled why Madcatz would add it to their stick. Isn’t turbo not allowed in Tournaments (You’d think they’d not have it on the TOURNAMENT edition). Even for practicing, I don’t see how using it than dropping it would help you.

The stick isn’t only for Tournaments.
There are lots of games that that work well with an arcade stick so why not?

Er, don’t you just click the button on the top left corner? Btw, using it in real matches is kinda eh, cheap, personally I’d just use it in like arcade mode or for teh lulz, but never actually in a serious match against other people.

Shouldn’t really take my advice on how to activate the turbo though, I don’t actually own a stick yet, but I ordered mine today and its coming in Thursday. :smiley:

I either use Turbo 'cause I’m bored (Watching Gen do his EX Strikes) or I like trying something out. Idk how it helps you with timing but with turbo I can definitely get things in much easier. Like with Vega: d.HK > d.HK. Pulling that off was much easier with turbo. Timing is indeed constant (I did this in Training Mode). I also finished one of Balrog’s Hard Trial Combos (LP x4 > cr.HP). Turbo is there so might as well use it. BUT, I’d never use it in a real match, that’s just straight up lame :frowning:

to be truthfully honest you don’t need the turbo buttons AT ALL… if your learning a character like chun or blanka the easiest way to rapid press is to plant your hand on the 3 respective buttons and mash with your fingers…Also if your doing trials its better you learn the timing windows yourself…it will benefit you if you go to an arcade in your area that has SF4

Turbo is for running through arcade/survival/time attack mode with gief’s lariat mapped to one button while watching tv with picture in picture if you have it. That’s pretty much it.