How/When to use V-Reversal?

This is one aspect of Ken I am completely confused about. How and when am I supposed to use this thing?

I mean I get the general idea; when somebody is pressuring me hard, this is a way to interrupt the block string and reset things. But, with frame advantage of 2 on hit and counterhit, it seems more like a reset to neutral; I’m certainly not going to combo out of this thing if my opponent is paying any kind of attention. If I time it just right, I should be able to start a block string of my own with LK/LP, but there’s not a lot of room for error there.

And really; for a bar of V meter? Ken’s Trigger is pretty good IMHO, so that’s a cost I’m hesitant to pay. Especially for something with no guarantees. Am I just expecting too much? Is this move better than I give it credit for, or are there times when it’s the best option?

Thanks for any advice!

I never use it honestly. Maybe my bad tho but I like my vtrigger too much.

Only two obvious situation, that I am aware of, where it has to be used :

  • When Dhalsim does his slide into vtrigger. If you block the slide, during the vtrigger freeze you can vreversal and it will cancel his vtrigger.

  • When someone tries to chip you by forcing you to block a super. During the super freeze v-reversal.

I rarely use Ken V-Rev either. I think the best uses are to punish safe special moves (ie Bison Scissor Kick , Nash Moon Assault)

The best way to use v reversal is in bad situations such as close to dizzy or blocking a move that puts you in a 50/50 situation where if you guess wrong you can die like when cornered vs Mika.