How wildly does your BP fluctuate?


Mine seems to swing wildly depending on the day. Initially after the game came out, I got to around 1450 without too much trouble, then had a night where I got severely outplayed and was knocked to 650. I built up from there, gaining about 100 or so each time (though losing overall some days). Then a few nights ago, I had one of my best nights ever, got 13 straight wins, skyrocketed me to 1900BP (against skilled players as well). Now I lost a large majority of my matches and am currently sitting at 1500BP.

Man, I like the BP system, but it’s simultaneously one of the greatest and most annoying things ever. I find myself wanting to do nothing more than raise my number, though I know it’s not TRULY an indication of skill (especially with scrubs that D/C if they’re losing).

EDIT: Crap, meant to post this in the SF4 forum. Sorry.


No offense, but shouldn’t this be in the Street Fighter 4 section?


Why yes it should. See: my edit. If a mod wants to delete/close this here or can just move it, go for it.