How will online rankings work?

Has anything been said about this yet? Do you think it will follow the PP/BP (D,D+,C,C+,B…etc) system? Will players be ranked by individual fighter or ranked as ‘teams’ - I’m not sure how that would work.

I’ve never played MvC3 so I don’t know how they handle ‘team’ rankings if at all.


As much as I like Tekken’s model (Dans to defined titles) that kept people playing Tekken offline for a bit, squint hard enough and you can see BP here.


I’d like for it to keep track of win/lose ratio and you get paried against people of similar percentages
It would be nice if Battle points always grow too, just like experience points.
part of why I stopped playing ‘ranked’ in SSF4 is I would play a pretty tough opponent and play pretty well-- say for example the fight goes three rounds
and comes down the wire and you lose, out come you get raped 75+ points for your efforts. You should always be able to gain points but it should be based on your performance as you play. If you get blown up then you don’t get anything as your win/lose ratio/% would reflect that.
it would also call out the ‘grinders’. They may have 22,000 some odd BP but win/lose is only 26%

The whole thought process I have is very call of duty based and clearly works in that game. Don’t know why other companies can’t adopt a similar system.

I hope to god it’s nothing like SSF4’s ranking system.
If they can lose the deranking and “lose more points than you earn by winning” concept, it’ll be move in the right direction.

Has there been any more news on this. As a newcomer to SSFIV it soooo demotivational to loose 75PP but only Wim 25PP, it doesn’t make you feel like your making any ‘progress’

I really hope it isnt this way in SFxT! :frowning:

As long as it not like SSF4 ‘You won? +20PP +1BP’ ‘You lose? -80PP -35PP’ Now jog on!

They probably fixed it to be more fair.

its SSFIV Online at its base, so gaining BP is the same, same with Rank Grades as one would think. The tournament patch is coming post launch so that mite add something to the online other then the tournament mode infrastructure.

I hope its like vanilla’s tourney mode. I really hope its like TvC’s base. It gave a nice amount of points. Took slightly more points away. Maybe 20 more away but you got 100 or more back. The punishment for DQing in TvC was really nice.

SSFIV’s PP ranking system was actually balanced so that you never gain or lose more than you should. If you are losing more than you gain, then the opponents you’re facing aren’t as high ranked as you. It’s as simple as that.

BP on the other hand is pretty much grinding up to a point.

Yes I agree that the ranking system in SSFIV technically ‘works’ but it’s rather disheartening to new comers.

Interestingly, I haven’t seen any reference to PP in SFxT only BP, for example during the Cross Assault streams you often get a peak of the title screen and you can see where your ‘title’ etc can be set and there is clearly a ‘0BP’ with no reference to PP. Makes me wonder if they haven’t gotten rid of PP altogether and are just going with BP this time around - maybe to streamline things and make it less confusing. Just one unified ranking score defined as BP.