How would Cable fare in this game?

I know that Nathan “Fucking” Summers isn’t in this game, but with his recent rebirth (for 24 hours, natch!) in Avengers X-Sanction I’d love to see him be DLC for this game, it might get me to pick it up. But after watching some videos of UMvC3, I started to wonder how good my dude might really be. I’d like to start a nice flame-free conversation about this, with input from people who played Cable in MvC2 and currently play MvC3.

for all intents and purposes, as a base powerset let’s just say Cable’s moves still have the same priority (althought if he was DLC that would definitely not be the case XD). Is he a good zoner in the UMvC3 world? Who does he lose to, who does he scrape?


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so he gets to keep his 2 frame super when the current fastest super in the game is 8 frames?

with hitstun deterioration, lets say he only gets to do 2 reps of AHVB then the dummy recovers? is that an okay base?

I think he would throw a gernade then use his cannon to get a combo in mid air when the next character was coming out. I straight up think that’s a bull S move but chances are some people would complain if he wasn’t able to do that.

guard breaks dont work the same in 3, correct?

All he needs is his old c.HP to dominate most of the cast. Nobody but deadpool has anything relatively ‘fast’ to control up forward. He would have the perfect tool to stop most runaway.

He’d beat Zero if he could still negative edge his grenades right above his head since Zero couldn’t get in.

Scimitar assist wouldn’t have invincibility, but it’d be great to alpha counter to AHVB.

yeah, no instant startup on assist would make him a weaker assist character…but maybe that might make more people use his variety assist :wink:

so do you think he’d be top tier? who would be his worst matchups?

Damage on Hyper Viper Beam would probably scale to shit late in a combo.

There are at least a handful of 5-frame hypers. Taskmaster and Wesker’s counters are the first ones to come to mind.

Well realistically his properties would get substantially tweaked, you can’t expect the same speed and priority with 3, and you can’t expect AHVB to chain into itself, they don’t like that kind of thing now (per the ultimate sentinel change, for instance).

Still, extrapolating the priority, and making it so HVB is still somewhat faster than other beams, I think he’d be a solid mid. Presuming they kept the set the same, he’d add something interesting that currently isn’t in the game too.

Guard Breaks still work in this game. The only player I see actually use them though is marlinpie with his magneto.

well no one knows to what extent theyd change him. I could see them allowing AHVB to chain once, but scaling the damage incredibly, making it more useful to reset or whatever.

psimitar could still be instant startup (IIRC stars and stripes was instant startup as a move but not an assist in vanilla) but not as an assist. superjump cancels being gone would mean hpx4xxpsimitar would be more useful.

Well it depends on how gimped he is when they Marvel 3ify him.

If they mainly kept him intact, and let him keep all his handgun normals, he’d be solid. I mean, judging by his moveset, I can tell you right now that he wouldn’t be launching (Without making new normals). They’d make it so his weird dash punch was a wallbounce. Though that’d be kinda cool cause then I’d assume you could do like chain into it and then throw a grenade and trap them as you did some weird juggle shit. Oh, and Time Flip would OTG as a level 3 or something since that was it’s only use in MvC2 was to force that tech roll.

He would have tools to counteract movement around the screen and forces you into positions favorable for him. But he doesn’t have tools to just hawkeye spam you to death. Unless they did some weird Blackheart shit to him and made all his normal viper beams go different directions. Also depends on how much durability gets put into his shit. Is his pistol Wesker durability? Is his viper beam unibeam or plasma beam? Or better? That’d define him better. As it is, he’d either completely dominate 90% of the cast or end up as Taskmaster only winning certain zoning matchups.

Chaining AHVB 5 times in a row actually wouldn’t be too op in this game because it’s much harder to get meter in general. In umvc3, its actually difficult to have 5 meters by the time u actually get to phoenix now, so I don’t think it would be too silly.

i think Cable would no doubt be a top character. I dont think any zoners outside of magneto, taskmaster deadpool and hawkeye truly are at full advantage when fullscreen. I think he would win against the top tier characters because like Hero said grenades would control the space above him that for some reason none of the zoning characters in this game are allowed to control. Not only that but his beam assist would help all the good characters in this teleport happy game. My guess too is that theyd give alot more utility to his other moves his qcf+kick (for get the name) would probably get some properties for combo extension his time hyper will probably be more useful. After seeing what theyve done with old characters so far and given his toolset hed be stier for sure. Also on ahvb the only other horizontally moving air borne projectile hypers in this game can be comboed into it self one way or another hell arthur can chain 5 goddess bracelets while grounded.

EDIT: hero beat me to it on the wallbounce and time flip probably getting some kinda combo utility buffs.

i like your ideas here. his electro punch could wallbounce and his S would be his punch launch, maybe magic series to knockdown to psimitar AHVB scooping off the ground? (with maybe one more rep of AHVB, scaled to shit?) or maybe electro punch to launch LMHS XF psimitar AHVB? or maybe AHVB is only possible with an XFC? alot of cool shit could happen. electro punch into time flip would be fucking sweet

the properties of being trapped by his grenade is also a big queston, would they just fall? would they be able to block after getting punched out of it? also, is H is HP or his HK? or maybe they make M his HK and give it different properties in the magic series (like magnetos HP not causing knockdown)

well if psimitar to AHVB still has the same cancel speed and invincibility it could beat almost everything. but being 3ified i see it being slower. it might still reach full screen as fast, but the startup would be quicker to react to (unless youre in hitstun by the bullet)

Someones been dreaming of MvC2 again.

I realize that my above post lacked some specifics it could have had.

I’m absolutely sure that they wouldn’t allow chaining Hyper Vipers outside of xfactor, but would probably allow it with XF active. That’s just how they roll.

Still, pistol, psimitar, and electronade would still be excellent tools, and pistol>AHVB would totally still make it.

I think he’d seriously ass-kick storm/Zero types (excepting possibly buster shot), having really good defensive angles, and with electronade transitioning really well, probably coming out stronger even than it is in marvel 2.

Zoners would be more even because they’d just have to respect pistol>Viper. Seems like non-super viper beam would be pretty bad though.

Teleporters would totally eat his lunch. On the other hand, I have this feeling they would give him a tele, which would strengthen him a lot.

So looking at that, probably upper-mid, with a number of really good and a few really really bad matchups.

i would hope they didnt give him a teleport thatd be stupid XD

fierce nade+psimitar might be enough for cable to be his own anti air

yeah thats what I was kind of thinking, he’d be really really good against anybody at any place in front of him, but his relatively slow recoveries and long duration moves would make him SUPER weak to teleport behind.

he would shit on people if he still had a true fullscreen blockstring w/ sentinel.
…which would probably be a true looping fullscreen blockstring because sent drones are out there for such a long time compared to mvc2 drones.

mvc2 pressure in mvc3 would CRUSH nearly the entire cast of mvc3.