How would I art mod a Hitbox?

Could somebody walk me through how it would work, because the hitbox is sized differently. I have a template I found on here but where could I get it printed in hitbox size, and where do I find a plexi that fits a hitbox?

Well if you have the template then it should be as simple as taking your art to your local Fedex/Kinkos or UPS Store. they’ll print it at whatever size you want. Also, the HitBox already has a plexi. If you need a new plexi you could probably contact HitBox for a new one.

Also, the HitBox’s art size should be 16" x 7". So, you should probably ask them to use the 17" x 11" printer, that should give you enough space.

Oh, so I could just put my art under the existing plexi?

Yes, you can. Also the guys over at Hit Box are here on the forums If you ever need some really in-depth info, their always there to give you some insight.

Here’s their thread: Hit Box - We so S Tier1!

The plexi that comes with Hit Boxes are printed directly to the glass, so it’s not as simple as sliding art under the glass. We always stock some clear plexi for people that would like to art mod theirs. Also every few months or so we’ll get our plexi shop to print some customs directly to the glass for the best print you can get. E-mail me at and I can give you more info if you’re interested!

I suppose I was slightly misinformed. My little brother owns a second-hand Hit Box and his had a clear plexi. It must have been previously modded.

Thank you both of you. I appreciate it so much. And yes I’ll shoot you an email! Thanks again.