How would I do this to my SE stick?

So I hate having 8 buttons. I want to print new artwork and not cutout the L1 and R1 buttons, but I don’t want to lose access to those buttons, would it be possible to cut out holes on the side of the stick and place them there? I was thinking of Sanwa OBSF-24 Pushbutton, because they use quick disconnects, but what tool would I use to cut a hole that size?

A 24mm hole saw or forstner bit.

Thanks. And those buttons will work right?

They should.
1st drill a few pilot holes then go at it with the hole saw or forstner bit. I would drill them about 2 1/2 inches away from each other. Also make sure the case is being held firmly while drilling.

How would I make a pilot hole for a hole saw?

Using drill bits until the hole saw’s arbor bit fits it there.

Ah thanks so much!

This is actually a great idea i might try this. i hate not having full access to all the buttons; like to page left and right and such

I’ll post pics when it’s done, but it will be awhile.