How would i mod my wii hori stick to use on ps3?

Right now, I have a hori wii stick, which is this guy:

Now I would like to use this said stick on the PS3, so can someone tell me if the following method would enable me to accomplish that?

After I open it up, I found that the buttons are directly soldered to the PCB like so:

I don’t want to desolder the PCB board, so I thought I would just solder a wire onto each contact (circled in red):

And then connect those wires to a Cthulu/ChImp board with a USB out. Voila, a PS3/Wii stick.

Would the above plan work?

It would work, but you will need to separate common ground carefully, assuming this board is common ground.

Yes, you can do that.
The PCB is Common Ground, so it works.

cool, thanks for replying. also got a question i wanna ask about common ground: i sorta understand what it is, but why is it important if it has a common ground or not?

During the dual mod process you will need to connect the grounds of the two PCBs. If either PCB is not a common ground PCB, then connecting them will cause all sorts of problems (I don’t know specifically what problems but I’m willing to bet it would fry your PCB).

A common ground works by taking a button signal and sinking the voltage to 0. That means that every button can be activated by the same common ground by sinking the button voltage signal to zero.

In a common line PCB Each side of the button will have some random voltage on each side and for the different buttons, and when the button is press the expected combined voltage activates the button. When you try to dual mod two PCBs where one is not common ground the voltages don’t add up right.