How would I toggle analog and d-pad?

I want to build a stick and be able to switch the joystick between analog and d-pad. What do I need to do that?

would this be in the 360 or ps3 this is for?

Best thing to do would be to get a madcatz PCB with turbo panel from Trading outlet and use that in your custom. Then you have both. But the analog lags. I dunno why you would want it. If you use Cthuhlu/ChImp, you can activate all analog by holding select when it powers on, otherwise it defaults to outputting both analog and digital controls simultaneously.

I need a stick like this because I have limited use of my hands. I would use it to play non-fighting games, so I need access to every button and stick. The problem with a Cthuhlu board is that it doesn’t have enough input pins for that. With custom code, like Toodles put on my Piiwee board, I could switch modes and button configuration but not have access to them all at once. In one of the pictures of that stick it looks like he uses a switch that has 4 inputs and 2 outputs to switch each axis between digital and analog. Are there switches with 8 inputs and 4 outputs, that could do both axis at once? Is there a name for these kind of switches, so I can look them up on my own?

rtdzign posted this controller up a while ago. It may be of help.

I’m aware it’s not a joystick, but it may be an alternative.

That switch, I can’t really tell from that angle. But, I’d say it’s somewhere along the lines of 4PDT, meaning, it has 4 poles that can be attached to either side, and the middle is basically the output. By leaving two of the ins unwired, you can do something kind of what you’re looking at. Basically, the way a DT?Double throwing?switch works is there are two sides and a middle. The middle is basically the OUT, and the two sides are the IN. The NP?N poles?represents how many wires go in and out, how many pins there are. Then, you switch the sides using the switch. Like with DPDT?Double pole, Double throwing?is used in USB data± wires for dual mods. Here’s kind of a diagram if you wired one:


P standing for Playstation, O for out (to USB wire), X for Xbox 360. You can switch between which two wires. That’s how DT switches work. You won’t want ST?Single Throwing? all they do is connect and disconnect. I hope that gives you an idea of what you want to look for.

As far as analog joysticks, though, you may want to look into the LS-64. It is an analog joystick, instead of converting sticks that were intended for only digital, you can actually have the degrees of sensitivity with analog.

Thanks Nerrage, a 4pdt should do what I need. I’m assuming that the picture is a dpdt and that is why he had to use one for each axis. The controller you linked is nice, but I don’t have use of my fingers, so it’s not for me. As for an analog stick, how does that get wired?

Okay. Just wanted to throw that up there. As far as analog goes, I’m not entirely sure how to wire up the LS-64, I’ve never used one, I only know that it has full analog capabilities. I would assume that because each of the two axises work independently of each other, that they are each wired independently. From the pictures I gathered of the LS-64:

It appears that there’s three wires for each axis, I’d gather something much like how analog triggers work, high, wiper, and low, and then solder these wires corresponding to the traces for each axis near the analog stick from the padhack. Again, I have never done this, and I rarely ever see an actual need of analog sticks, I just know that the LS-64 is analog-compatible. From the entries that you listed, I think that the builder probably used digital joysticks, and thus was why he had sensitivity issues, because digital is all-or-nothing, and analog has grey area.

If you used both an analog and digital joystick, you wouldn’t need a switch per se, unless if you wanted to use a switch to control which analog stick you used. Best thing to do would probably have two analog sticks in for each analog stick, and a digital one for the dpad. Of course, that’s a lot of sticks, and the LS-64 isn’t nearly as cheap as something like a JLF or LS-32. You may be able to skip the one digital, and use the left analog pretty much without much need of a D-pad. However, for the cheapest alternative, there is what that builder did, and used digital joysticks for analog controls, but again, you don’t get the sensitivity of analog by doing so. For that method, I am completely out of my element, and I suggest you maybe find a way to contact the person who did the build to see how they wired it.

Do understand that analog control is a very advanced mod, because it is extremely unconventional in almost all sticks that we build, and probably one beyond the capabilities of many people here. Not to say that there aren’t insanely skilled modders and electrical nuts, but it’s beyond my scope of expertise. Could I figure it out? Probably, if I had some time, as well as the parts, but I do not. I completely understand your need, but this is about the best advice that I can offer. I hope somebody with more skill will hopefully read this and give a helping hand :smiley:

Thanks a lot for all the help. I think an analog stick is something I’ll look into down the road. Right now it’s a little out of my price range, and my friends’ skill levels. Since they are the ones who are going to build and assemble the stick and box, I’m trying to keep it fairly simple for them. Plus I’m already used to the “all or nothing” drawback of using a digital stick for analog control. My next step is to find somebody who can sell me a few hacked pads.