How would one suggest getting better at MvC3?

I’ve been playing fighting games in general for only a short period of time, and I’m not really sure how I should go about trying to get better at any of them, but most importantly, how to get better at MvC3.

Lol just play a lot i guess.Stay in training mode,practice combos,set ups,when to call your assist,practice your movement,and just your characters in general.

What team you runnin’?

Pick Zero or Wesker. There

Fixed. In case you are that new, you probably want something like Zero/Assist/Wesker.

Zero/Sent/Wesker? Maybe that’d help a lil bit better .

Play people offline and ask for help and/or tips from good players you lose to. (online or off)

Finally, make sure you have a solid team.

This doesnt mean just tier-whoring because there are some tier whore teams that simply are not composed properly. But as a general rule, battery/user/assist or anchor or dark phoenix has and probably always will be solid and is a good starting point.

But ideally you want your team to be able to be played in any order, although the starting order is preferred there are other orders it can play in.

For example I play V.Joe/Vergil/Morrigan but due to the fact I DHC into and out of my teammates power up hypers often I end up playing it any other way and change it depending on matchups.

Currently I’m using Vergil/Amaterasu/Taskmaster

You should have Taskmaster 2nd . Cold Star assist is pretty good for him on that lock down I think .

Sorry about not knowing, but what characters are good batteries?

Any character that can build meter well. Although its useful for them to be able to use the meter well too, in this game.

Examples: Wesker, Zero, Spencer, Viper.

Hm…well,I’d say anybody that can get alot of hits in basically. Like Zero,Wolverine,Dante,Spencer,Magneto,Firebrand,Iron Fist,Wesker…thats all I can really think of .

Offline comp is very important. Online leads to a wealth of bad habits such as lag tactics.

Have Vergil second. He needs the meter for Sword shenanigans.

Stay out of Ranked for awhile. Play player matches. When you come across a player that just wrecks you, grind out rematches until he exits. The point being that the longer you play, the better you get at blocking or learning matchups so you fare better against another player using XYZ characters.

Of course offline play blows online out of the water. :smiley:

Yeahh this is very very true. Also the order of your team is important.Remember that .