How would SFxT be if there wasn't a launcher?


But instead it had a switch mechanic added to the current gauge? no abc combos into launcher and no launcher in general. Just being able to switch by pressing the two current buttons.



EDIT:Embarrassingly misinterpreted what you said, my bad. I think it could still have a launcher, just not having the ability to chain into it would make the game more interesting


Can i still switch cancel?


That would be good, I think? Would force people to use more character-specific combos and would also make meter THAT much more important. Though it would change the scope of the game by a mile, especially with the tiers. Just think of characters whose main strength–Vega, for example–is poking into the ABC. Would be interesting.


sfxt should have air combos


My thoughts exaclty. Ppl at the moment think that acb into launcher+1 bnb from the second character is the max potential the game has making them treat it like an easy game. I think Capcom should rethink of giving casual tools like this in their next fighter.


ofc, just remove the abc combo plus the launcher.


I think fights would look more unique with this change. I’d be down for it!


Removing Cross Rushes could be good for the game, but would constitute a need for complete redesign of several characters. It would also further alienate newer and less skilled players. Removing the launcher, however, is out of the question. Doing so would remove the reward for success in the neutral game from a large percentage of the roster completely.


This would have a huge impact on some characters especially Poison.

Poison’s > st.hp chain is probably her biggest strength, and she doesn’t have good tag cancel combos.


I think the problem is abc into launcher. Not the launcher itself. That’s like removing the launcher for air combos on the mvc series. I think the abc series should be scaled even further making them not rewarding on damage. Like I dont go for abc combos that often…why Ryu I link cr mp twice low forward and then launcher. The game should reward linking into launcher as oppossed to mashing a chain into launcher.


You guys bring this stuff up like the game has much room to get edited anymore to begin with.


I just want the whole launching process to be sped up by at least 50%. It´s just weird to see a character vibrate for 3 seconds (especially after the killing blow) before being launched. Would be great if this “vibrating period” would be cut so that launching felt like switch canceling a launcher currently. Wouldn´t change anything drastically, but the game would probably look a lot faster and better in my opinion.


Yea, I’ve tag cancel by mistake after a launcher and it’s much faster. No zoom-in camera either.


The camera zooms are another abomination I really dislike. Try doing a camera zoom move like a throw for example at the end of cross assault. The camera oftentimes doesn´t know what to do in this situation and twitches to zoom in the last frames of animation. Really weird stuff,

Anyway, enough ranting about the visuals and stuff from me, I don´t want to derail this thread.


The lack of pause during launch might make it harder for charge characters to come in off a tag with a special move. That’s about the only difference I can think of.


It would be an interesting change. I think the game would be better, but that is my opinion on it.


well we all do alot of “would of,could of, should of” around here,


This isn’t a pressing issue with this game.


I think the launcher is fine. people still confirming 5 lights then boost combo…not so much. But in a way without it ppl would have to be smarter in how they tag, but also meter would be spent way more on tagging than combos.