How would society react to first contact with extraterrestrials?

Think about it. Would people be willing to embrace it, or would they rather cause havoc and mass disturbances?

Personally, I think there would be a spike in space exploration funding and military spending.

What do you guys think?

Enslave them, haul them to Area 51 and conduct on them whatever insane experiments science can imagine.

Naturally, we’ll slaughter the ugly ones and reproduce with the beautiful ones to create a superior inter-terrestrial species.

More like how would they react to us, cause nigga we embarrassing.

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Also - From the track record already, if America meets them, we’ll kill them and steal their resources.

“every year they grow smaller. every year they hate us more. we must not remind them that giants walk the earth”-Superman in DKR

I would be more concerned about how they’d react to us.

If they’ve travelled lightyears to reach us I pray they are peaceful and don’t want to take our natural resources (including our brains).

Human reaction will largely be fear, you can bet someone somewhere will do something to piss the aliens off. There are so many ignorant people that also have extremist views that the arrival of aliens would shake the foundation of their beliefs and they will not tolerate it.

Governments will try to protect themselves prior trying to communicate, people that didn’t will start attending church again.

Nothing else in the world will change, someone will make a large profit from it, Fox News will try to scare the shit out it’s viewers with it’s right wing conspiracy theories & Vivid will make a porno.

co-fucking-signed. Cut that shit out please!

they will revel in our culture and go on to win evo with their advanced mind powers

^^^ Goddamn, them dudes got them long plinking fingers.

Seriously, if you wan’t to know what would happen, put on Independence Day. That’s a real life prophecy if I ever saw one.

I just hope if aliens do come, they come while Jeff Goldblum’s still alive.

It would definitely be chaos in the streets. I’d bet money that there would be the same fearful reaction that occurred when they did that War of the Worlds live broadcast on radio so many decades ago… it might even be worse, as most people already don’t have much hope or ambition for anything in life. When you add the element of “fear of the unknown” into the mix, there’s no telling what kind of Hell breaks loose. This is likely a main reason why governments would rather cover up anything they know regarding this kind of situation. If an invading alien species happens to be hostile, that’s an immediate “checkmate”. The very fact that they have mastered interstellar travel means they would have technology and scientific understanding that is far beyond us. The battle would be so lopsided it would be silly… like imagine if the military force of any modern civilized nation went back in time and fought one of the first tribes of humans that existed. What could they possibly do with their spear and rock weapons, against things like guns and missiles, or those little drones, or even those anti-missile lasers that are apparently in development(tech that they would probably consider “magic”)? Invading aliens vs. modern human civilization would be even more of disparity than that. If the aliens have any plan that involves the extinction of mankind, that’s a done deal, and there’s not much we can do against it.

I’d love to see it, really… of all the ways for the human race to end, this would be the most interesting and entertaining…going out like the final moments of a science fiction movie that does not have a happy, peaceful ending.

Our descendants will be playing whatever their version of cricket is.

If the aliens were hostile I would find the quickest route to selling out my fellow human beings to my new extraterrestrial overlords. I would make a great pet.

You terrestrial traitors are scum. I bet you’d practically beg for a probing, you sick freak!

are you fucking serious?

We’re humans. We’ll do them like we did any other animal. we’ll kill them to see how hard it is to kill them, cut a few of them open and examine them, and learn as much as possible


I’m stealing shit in all the chaos is all I know.

So the possibilities of extraterrestrials making contact with us are if they are 1. Open for dialogue, 2. After resources, or 3. somewhere in between.
If they are open for dialogue, the best path to take is to participate in a revolution where we get rid of silly unproductive notions like nationalism, incorporate ourselves as galactic citizens, and humble ourselves to our wise alien superiors. I think there “should” be a massive re-evaluation on human philosophies which needs to be expanded to be more overarching now there is a new presence relevant to us. Even if they are after our resources, as long as they are willing to coexist, I see it as an infinitely better option than the path humanity is on now-doomed. We lack the nature, intelligence, and resources to outlive the dinosaurs’ million year reign on this planet, and having intelligent life capable of interstellar travel will be our only saving grace (stay out of this Christians). And who knows, with a chance for the longevity of mankind guaranteed, we would come much closer to solving the mysteries of the Universe than if were to do so on our own.

But society won’t act this way sadly. They’ll rebel with their unwarranted inferior human arrogance that has long doomed the planet before any theoretical aliens arrived.

Watch the movie Contact, it will give you a pretty good and realistic idea of how humans would react.

I’m gonna bust 'dat alien girl booty. I’ll be the first to die from the new infection. :rock:


I would have to agree, if they are hostile, we’re screwed. If they mastered space travel I’m sure they mastered weapons beyond our wildest imagination. People think fights will be done on the streets and they will attack us with lasers or giant explosions or something. For all we know they have the technology of erasing a planets population with the blink of an eye. Molecular disentegration and shit. One second you’re getting inside your car, the next you cease to exist. And they could be doing this from outside our solar system. We will never know what hit us. If they are hostile, they will never give us a chance, we won’t even see them.

Like the other guy said, it would be like us going against a tribe of primitive humans living in the jungle thousands of years ago. Drop an atomic bomb on them. They will have no clue what an atomic bomb is, what it does, where it’s coming from, for one second the guy is reaching for a banana, the next he’s ash. Easy as that.

On the other hand, if they are benevolant… That will be life changing, for everyone. Imagine the technology they could give us. Again, people are thinking lasers and shit, but imagine if they share… shit I dunno, teleportation for example. How much would that affect your life.
Before: Ah, I work in an hour, better go take my shower get ready.
After: Ah, I work in an hour, better wait 50 minutes before I take my shower then teleport to work.
Or on the grander scale of things.
Before: Man I really wanna visit Japan, but it takes me 12 hours to get there by plane, not to mention cost me 5G’s.
After: I wanna go to Japan, aaaand here I am.

Shit like that would be crazy. And that’s just one example. For all you know they could hold the secret to life. Shit, tomorow you could be immortal. Advanced learning, unlimited food supplies. For all you know, after alien contact, having a job will be useless, money won’t matter, governments won’t matter, time won’t matter. Shit could be so life changing it would blow your wildest imagination.

And it’s funny come to thing of it, because everyone is human and shit like teleportation will be normal 2 weeks later, and no one will bat an eye while using that shit. That’s the beauty of humanity, adaptation.
Oh your immortal? Yawn, I’m missing Jersey Shore!
Yeah… beauty…