How would this art look on a custom stick?

Im nerding out hard at the possibility of finally shelling out 250 bones and playing my fighters the right way.

I want a nice piece of art under the plexi, and Ive always been a Fei Long and Ken player. Since I was 13, and im a 30 year old fart now, so I feel pretty partial twords them.

Im hoping to revise it enough to make the quarters look kinda of convincing. Im thinking Black ball top and red and black buttons, seems kinda obvious I know. Im a little worried the joystick will end up looking rather phallic, but Im sure I can figure out how to avoid it.

Any and all opinions and suggests welcome! Thanks guys.

fei long’s head would be cut off by most conventional button layouts. you also have so much empty space doing nothing. when you do stuff like that you really don’t want messy splatters, since splatters are there to take up space and make the composition look more complete.

.02 from a GD.


I think I see your point. I kind of want a balance of empty white space, but I think the quaters throw that off, making the lower lefts empty space more conspicuous. Hrmm.

Not to disrespect, but if you really want the best, you may want to go to the Image Mishmash forum, post it there, and ask for help or ask someone to make everything look as if it is one piece of art. (Holy run on sentence) To go along with this, unfortunately, this topic actually belongs in the Image Mishmash forum.

You can distinctly tell the 3 different images are separate.

I really hope you get it to work out.

You should make some sort of indication as to where the buttons and the stick are going to be placed. As it stands it’s difficult to provide feedback. You say that you are afraid of the stick coming off as phallic but to me I would imagine the stick to be rather close to Ken’s left foot with the buttons taking up virtually of Fei Long’s face and chest as the last poster said. I do like the image selection and I even sort of like the ink blots. I almost think I would personally like it better if the colors for the characters and their ink blots were reversed with them being red and the blots being black, but that’s more personal preference and I am certainly not a graphic designer or an artist. Btw, is this to be a wooden case that is going to be stained or painted or?

haha this is very rough, i havent finished it at all. I just wanted some perspective from builders and people who have experience in actually physically placing this sort of thing on a box.

I will ask that forum for help though, didnt know it existed.

Ah, gotcha. Oh, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve built quite a few sticks and sold them here.


As stated, the characters may need to be smaller scale, as Fei Longs upper body and head will be cut off due to button placement. If you are using clear Seimitsu’s, maybe move him up so the middle of his body is more in proportion with the buttons (if you are dead set on Fei being there). Ken, positioned as is, would be fine, as also stated, the stick would protrude around the foot, or just above it.

I was thinking a redish cherry staied wood might tie it together, but I have no frame of reference there. I am very open to suggestion, but I really like how sticks with a nice wood finish look.

I was hoping I could get an astro city type 8 button alignment barely above his head, and have the tertiary buttons on the front.

Good advice I am not juding the spacing right at all. And beaitiful work, the vega stick is superb.

Thank you, sir. I really hope you get the artwork to turn out perfect. God knows, a $250 investment in to a peripheral, it should be damn good. :smile:

Also if you are Photoshopping,

You might want to try Layer>Adjustment Layer > Levels to get that grey out around those characters.

Or using the levels tool on copies of layers. Image > Adjustments > Levels. Something like that. I don’t have it open right now.

Ive been playing these games for so long on sub par equipment at home, I should have done this a while ago. It will make my emulators sing.