How would two Cables fare in this game?

servbot isnt in the game (except as a tool for Tron) and I think that SUCKS!

Do you think Servbot would be good in this game? He was seriously under-represented in UMVC2 but even the hero of Marvel Justin “MARVELous” Wong played Servbot! (See video below!)


I think if servbot was in this game Justin might pick him up again and wreck house! I’d like to start a nice flame-free conversation about this, with input from people who played Servbot in MvC2 and currently play MvC3.

Only if tron ass look like your avatar

Servbot wouldn’t work in this game because they’d have to make too many animations and character models and the game would crash and consoles would explode, possibly delaying tournaments.

Not because we like Cable means we like Servbot.


Just thinking about that hitbox is pissing me off.

your av is appropriate for this comment.

SSS+ tier

Give him self OTG and a dive kick that causes a hard knockdown

No no no. He needs a teleport too. THEN he’s complete.

Knowing Servbot, he’d get a teleport that causes a hard knockdown. On himself.

The Cable thread was constructive… this is not…